5 Reasons Why You Can’t Tone Your Stomach

By Jamie Houghton, Head Coach LPT

Summer is quickly approaching!

You’re ready to expose that slimmer leaner body that you’ve working on in the gym since January 1st

And by now you’re meal prepping routine is like a slick military operation…


It’s not? And you’re not ready to start revealing parts of your body in this glorious weather??

What happened?

Somehow, swimsuit season sneaks up on us and all of a sudden you’ve got less than a month before your holiday to get that “beach body”

You look in the mirror and think…

“Shit. I’ve let myseflf down. Again”

The answer…you jump on a carb free, calorie restrictive, bland crash diet for 2 weeks to magically shed those extra 20 pounds

Reading this chances are you already know that isn’t going to work.

You don’t need me to tell you that

But don’t fear. You’ve got another month before the official start of summer. And two months until the summer holidays.

If you didn’t get my hint ^^^ This is it. Time to get serious.

It’s not going to be easy to reduce your mid-section in a few weeks.

But luckily for you…I’ve removed the guesswork for you

And if you follow these 5 tips…I promise your stomach will shrink, you’ll feel less bloated, you’ll be more confident and you’ll probably have to buy a new swimsuit!


“Abs are Made in the Kitchen”

– says every personal trainer, everywhere….

You’ve heard it before. But what does it REALLY mean?

Before I go any further…there’s 1 KEY FACT I want to point out…


We all process, metabolise and react differently to nutrition

So if you’re trying to find that meal plan that promises to get you beach ready in 2 weeks…save yourself the stress and don’t bother.

There isn’t ONE healthy fool-proof diet that everyone should eat…

However, there are universal dietary principles everyone needs to follow if they want to lose fat and get that flatter stomach…so let’s see what they are…

Training will definitely help with your fat loss goals but if you’re eating dessert “because you earned it” then don’t expect the hard work to pay off

1. Carbohydrates and Sugar Raise Your Blood Sugar

It’s a fact that carbohydrates raise your blood sugar. These foods include: starches, grains, fruit, refined food and of course…sugars

Some carbs are more aggressive than others but quite simply, if you’re not losing inches around your mid-section then there’s a pretty good chance you’re eating a diet that raises your blood sugar too much

2. Unused Carbs and Sugar are Immediately Stored as FAT

Your body uses carbohydrates and sugar in it’s most simple form…glucose

Glucose is stored in two places (1) your liver and (2) your muscles.

Unfortunately (just like your iPhone) you only have limited storage space…

So any excess sugar has nowhere to go…so it gets converted to and stored as fat.

3. Insulin is workhorse

Insulin is the hormone responsible for stabilizing blood sugar. It’s role is to remove glucose from your bloodstream.

The more carbs you eat, the more you start to desensitize your cells to insulin.

When this happens, glucose stays in your bloodstream longer and has nowhere to go…

Excess glucose is converted into…Remember? Yes. fat!

I recommend eating non-starchy vegetables as your main source of carbs because they have the least impact on stimulating insulin.

You’ve gotta trust me on this…you DON’T need your bowl of porridge to “fuel your day”

Instead go for something like 2 eggs scrambled with some spinach and tomatoes

4. Eat FAT to Lose FAT

Wait a minute…Fat doesn’t make us fat?

In a word…exactly!

Most of the fat that you eat — especially if you want to lose weight — should come from unsaturated sources (like fish, seeds, nuts, leafy vegetables, olive oil, and of course, avocados)

From here on in…avoid “low-fat” or “0% fat” at ALL COSTS…seroisuly!!

When food manufacturers removed fat from their foods, they had to load the foods with sugar and salt.

So swap your fat free Fage for the tastier FULL-FAT stuff!

Fat Burns Fat…

Fat stored in your body around the belly, thighs, or butt can’t be burned efficiently without “new” fat to help the process.

On top of this…fat will keep your feeling fuller for longer (no more mid-morning cravings!)

I’m going to stop there on the topic of FAT. I could honestly spend an entire day with you just talking about the benefits of FAT.

And lastly…

5. Track everything

Your body keeps and accurate journal regardless of what you write down or log in your app.

There have been a tonne of studies that prove without doubt that simply by recording what you eat and drink you subconsciously eat better.

Who wants to look back at 5 days of toast, sandwiches and pizza!?

So even if you’re not following a strict diet plan I recommend that you record everything that you’re eating and drinking.

Then after a week, look back through it and see where you went wrong and where you did well.

Then write a plan for the followig week…

You don’t ahve to carry a pair of scales with you and religously weigh every ounce of food

But it won’t take you long to realise that you always slip up on a Wednesday afternoon…or perhaps you could have 1 less glass of wine on a Friday night.

Whatever it may be…the bad patterns will highlight what you need to change.

Whenever I work with a new client the first thing I get them to do is just record their diet. I don’t even tell them what to eat at this point.

It’s an awesome habit to get into early on.

So there you have it ^^^

5 Top Tips to help you shrink your waistline in time for summer!

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Slimming Clubs & An Amazing Opportunity

Post From Taylor Wilson

So I’ve seen a lot of posts and lots of comments made around slimming clubs recently and i thought id simply give my opinion.


They Build a community –> A big group of people on the same journey, wanting the same things and also to get close too.

They reward YOU for identifying that YOU needed to change YOURSELF.

Thats it ^, they are my only good things to say to be honest!


They don’t provide education… so regardless of if you’re losing weight or not, the problem will re-occur in the future!

They make you feel guilty about food, especially when you’ve had a bad day!

Are the “Coaches” qualified to give you nutritional advice?

Public weigh ins –> if you haven’t lost any weight that week, how crappy will you feel?

They identify good or bad foods by allowing “syns”

There is no guidance around Macronutrients.

No explication of how various foods impact our bodies and do/Provide different things for our bodies.


Now i know this may seem a little harsh & look as if I’m trying to put you off going (which i am) but these Major League Marketing (MLM) companies are whats killing the fitness industry.

Its whats creating so many misconceptions.

Nutrition should be something thats fun & enjoyable, where you learn about different vitamins and minerals, the effect of protein, fats and carbs upon the body and so much more…

Which is what we offer as a part of our 6 week programme.

We provide long term, sustainable results supplemented with knowledge and education.

The ability to build your own path of success and results.

Im only taking on 3 more people for this programmes intake.

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The Real Reasons You’re NOT Losing Weight…

Post By LPT Head Coach Taylor Wilson

***WARNING*** -> This post may contain things that you don’t want to hear/read.

The things listed below are the main reasons why you’re NOT seeing results.


1 – You’re not trying hard enough –> Sounds harsh, but true!

As a coaching team, we know that specificity is the best thing to have when it comes to getting results.

This means things like tracking Macros (protein, fats & carbs) and tracking calories is the best way to get results. My Fitness Pal is a great app to use to track your calories & Free to download.

Are you Training / exercising regularly? Are you pushing your body as much as you can? Are you still in that lovely place full of sunshine & rainbows called your comfort zone?

^ Create a workout routine, be specific & enjoy your workouts. An hour on the treadmill at the local gym will burn calories, but theres sooooo much more you could be doing to benefit from!

Yes ladies, that means you! Weight training will not make you big and bulky, you won’t turn into the next Arnie! Unless your using a hell of a lot of testosterone & steroids!

2 – You’re not in a Calorie Deficit –> The most important thing.

The body only needs a certain amount of calories in order to maintain the way you look right now, if you consume more calories than what the body needs… you guessed it! You’ll Gain weight!

Give the body less calories than what it needs, Via nutrition or exercise & you’ll lose weight, simple.

Get out and move more!

To find out how many calories your body needs, you need to find your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) – Personally, i believe the best equation to use is the Harris Benedict Equation, this can be found on google.

Create a deficit –> lose weight.

3 – You’re not committed enough –> Don’t be a part timer!

You’ll decide on week 1 that your motivated and really really want your summer bod, you end up going to the gym 5X that week & eat every Green Leaf you can find. the weekend comes and you decide you’ve worked enough for a takeaway and bottle of red.

Week 2, you decide that last week was actually difficult to comply with & only going to go to the gym 3 times this week because, well you know, you’ve been 5 times last week. –> take away, bottle of red.

Week 3, you have a week off because you deserve it, the green leafy veggies have been thrown out because they’re mouldy and haven’t been touched for a while. Your now feeling pretty crappy and decide that you need to binge on rubbish to help you get over the fact that you’re not where you want to be with your summer bod and the holiday is coming up in a few weeks.

Week 4 – you haven’t even bothered thinking about going to the gym because, well nothing’s worked & you feel rubbish, motivation is at an all time low and that holiday now seems like it will be awful. Takeaway –> Bottle of red –> Out on he karaoke on the Saturday –> feeling even worse the next day.

Week 5 – you search for a slimming club. –> we’ll leave that right there! haha.

Set a goal, create an action plan of when, where and what time you’ll go exercise, be accountable, follow steps 1&2 and you’ll start seeing results –> motivation goes up!

These are some of the biggest reasons why you’re not losing weight.

If you can relate to any of the above, invest into your own health.

If you want to achieve something, read up, learn, listen.

If you need guidance, invest in getting Personal Training (PT).

The money that you invest in a PT will be more beneficial than the time & emotion that you would’ve spent, AGAIN.

Thanks for reading.

Taylor Wilson – Head Coach At LPT

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Secret Formula For Weight Loss…

Post By Taylor Wilson - Head Coach

Its April 1st So i thought id post a little joke to you guys!

Because everyone is searching for the title of this post.

The Secret Formula to Weight Loss….

Point being is that, there isn’t any secret formula!

No-one ever gained weight by being in a deficit, it’s scientifically impossible for a gain to occur.

Which means one thing.

And you’re not gonna like it!

*You’re OVER Eating.*

Thats right, you’re eating too many calories than what the body needs or than what the body is using/burning.

If your body is in a deficit, you’ll lose weight.

Regardless of what diet plan you follow, regardless of the way you eat.

Exercise & a deficit.

Thanks for reading.

Taylor Wilson – Head Coach At LPT



7 Step Guide to Level 1 Lifestyle Change; – The Basics

Post By LPT Head Coach - Taylor Wilson

1 – Set a goal. – simple right? WRONG!

People these days are setting unrealistic, OTT goals that just aren’t achievable. Be specific, don’t put too much pressure on yourself! – Small weekly wins!

2- Be compliant – Too many people believe that if they treat themselves “just this once” then they’ll be fine, – that’s true, it won’t have a huge effect on your weight loss goal, but it may disrupt your behaviour change, it may also effect motivation.
3 – Create a better environment – Don’t apply too much stress upon yourself when “dieting” because this is why Diets don’t work! (unless your a physique competitor or olympian!)  If you like wine, have a glass.Don’t take all enjoyment out of food!

4 – Try to be sensible – we know that green leafy veggies & whole foods have the biggest pay offs, not only due to being over in calories, but because of the health benefits they also provide, introduce more veggies.
5- Exercise more – We know that to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit… so before you start slashing calories left right and centre from your lifestyle, create a deficit through movement. Be more active.

6 – Drink lots of water! – Everyday! Make sure you keep your body well hydrated, water is an amazing thing that we should feel privileged to have, it helps optimise your health and also bodily processes.

Men – 2-3L p/day -women -1.5-2L P/day (Minimum)

7 – Invest – I’m all for self investment, financially and physically. if you feel as if you’re struggling with your goals, invest into getting coaching. If you feel as if you need guidance, invest your time into learning more.

Setting goals and taking action will be the biggest investment you will make, don’t follow this process half heartedly or else you will be more likely to fail –> this begins to become into a yo-yo situation and eventually you will give up.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Taylor Wilson – Head coach @ LPT