Fit4Life Bootcamp: April 5th- 28th

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What is Fit4Life Boot Camp?

Fit4Life Boot Camp based in Kettering, Northamptonshire and run by personal trainer Matt Sutton, is the first fitness Boot Camp of its kind in the area.

Think Personal training but in a group environment, outdoors in the fresh air at a reduced rate to normal personal training.


FOUR weeks… perfect amount of time to achieve great results!

Meeting point is at Kettering Leisure Village (parking next to astro- turf & 400m race track).

Day’s/ Times?

Evening – Monday & and Wednesday’s at 6.30pm-7.45pm


The BOOTCAMP run’s in the style of a Personal training programme. Each week clients will progress and learn more advanced methods of training. The use of kettle bells, resistance bands, boxing, power bags, bodyweight training and many other methods will be used at Boot Camp.

Am I fit enough?

Probably the most common question we get! The answer 9 times out 10 is yes. The Boot Camp is structured to suit different fitness levels and therefore is open to all. It is advisable though; that you can jog for at least a very short period of time i.e. 1 – 2 minutes.

Boot camp’s THREE golden rules?

1. Never be late for Bootcamp!

2. Abide by, “Fit4Life’s nutritional plan’’, given to you on the first day camp.

3. Work your hardest on every session!

What if we have bad weather?

There’s no such thing as bad weather!!! Just unsuitable clothing!

Matt’s motto on weather at Bootcamp….

If it’s not raining we’re not training. If it’s not snowing we’re not going!

When do we start?

Monday 5th April – Wednesday 28th April


Boot Camp offers huge savings over normal Personal training, (roughly four times cheaper!!!)

Obviously, personal training has its higher value for a reason but if all you are looking for are tough, gruelling sessions that are fun and produce great results in terms of fitness, weight-loss and creating a lean body, you may have finally found the answer!

As a Boot camp trainee you will receive 10 hrs of training over the four week period for just£79.99! That’s only £8 p/h.
A block booking of 10 hrs personal training sessions with Matt would normally cost roughly £300! That’s a HUGE saving!!!

BOOTCAMP PRICE: £79.99 with results guaranteed!!!

+ FREE WEEK TRIAL (If you decide after the 1st week that Bootcamp is not for you, we will give you a full refund).

Bootcamp for weightloss (include the supplement) £99.99
If your goal is to lose weight at Bootcamp you may want to upgrade and include Matt’s recommended weightloss powder supplement…Forever Lite. This supplement has all the vitamins & amino acids your body needs to support you at Bootcamp and can also act as a great meal supplement.

PLUS a Bootcamp T-Shirt! If you really want to be the part then also grab a Bootcamp T-shirt at £9.99

Get all three for £119.99

Summary of what you will get out of FIT4LIFE BOOTCAMP:

• 2 x 1¼ hr sessions per week for four weeks.

• Weekly home workouts to maximise results

• Strict nutritional and lifestyle guidelines that you must follow whilst on the four week BOOT CAMP.

• Strong, slim and lean body.

• Improve your heart, endurance and overall fitness level.

• Increase your flexibility and recovery after each workout.

• Gain muscle tone, strength and power.

• You will increase your knowledge of fitness dramatically. You will no longer walk around the gym wondering what exercises to do!


Boot Camp has limited places!Sign up NOW TO GET YOUR SPOT

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