The Bounce-Back effect – Your Biggest Frustration?


Last thursday I hosted the How to Eat MORE,

Exercise LESS & still lose weight’ Seminar.


I uncovered lots of myths & shared with people how

they can live LONGER and allow weight loss

to just be simply a by-product of the increased longevity.


In case you missed the seminar I just wanted to

share with you one of the

most important slides of the evening.


I find this to be most people BIGGEST frustration.


The Bounce-Back effect!

Now rather than bore you with a long article I thought

I’d start shooting some short


Check it out….


 The Bounce Back effect…




If you are one of the millions of people that have experienced

the Bounce back Effect you may be asking

yourself, so what is the answer Matt???


Well how about I told you that not only could

I finally share a solution to this frustration you’ve

been having for so long but you could even win some CASH

prizes in return for a body transformation!!!

That’s right my FIRST EVER Body transformation contest

kicks off in just 7 days time

and we still have a few spots available.

So if you live in Kettering, Islip/thrapston, Wellingborough or Market Harborough you are in luck!!!



This is a chance to be part of a small minority of people

that will look FANTASTIC at your Xmas party PLUS

win enough spending money for your loved ones Xmas presses!


Simply email us today to find out

how you can grab a spot!

[email protected]






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