12-12-12 Doomsday WORKOUT

Heeey Matt here,



Many believe that the World is going to end Today. …





…the TRUE disaster would be missing out on

my SPECIAL 12-12-12 Doomsday Workout BELOW!!!


Now I have just three requests from you…

  • Get on the Doomsday Workout

  • Share your score

  • Share the link




The 12-12-12 FORMAT:

Perform 12 repetitions of the 12 exercises below.

Record how many laps you can do in 12


YES…Its that simple!!!



2. Mountain Climbers

3. R-Lunge (both legs = 1 rep)

4. Press Up

5. Jump Squats

6.  Burpees

7. Press Ups

8. V-Ups

9. Sprints on spot (both legs = 1 rep)

10. Plank builder

11. Renegade Row (both arms = 1 rep)

12.  Star Jumps



Congratulations on completing the Doomsday





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