My No.1 Tip for 2013

Happy New Year to you!!!


So it’s 2013, lucky for some, I hope it’s lucky for you!


Well I’m sure you know that achieving what you want isn’t really about

luck but persistence, hard work and making the right choices.

Whatever your goals may be for the New Year though, if they involve

health, fitness or weight loss PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE promise me one thing….

If you stick to this promise I guarantee you a slimmer, healthier body

and longer lifespan…..

…PLEASE promise me you WON’T Join The ‘New Normal’. 



The ‘New Normal’?


I first came across this term last year when it was revealed that the average

American is now 23Ibs heavier than there ideal weight. It now seems that

Britain is also changing the face of normality too and as with everything Britain

is following suit of its US counterpart.


In a nutshell….


It is now NORMAL to be fat and unfit.





My No.1 Tip for this year is at all cost avoiding being

part of the NORM.


Where to start?

I love simplicity and my advice is simply avoid doing what most NORMAL people do!!!

For instance it has now become ‘normal’ to eat fast food,

processed food, eat out, drink fizzy drinks, consume regular alcholic

beverages maybe even binge at the weekend.

– That is normal hence why being fat is normal.



Join my ABnormal Tribe!

I like to think that across all the services my company L-PT offers we are building new tribe of people – The ABnormal Tribe (emphasis on the AB part!! haha).

>> Check out a few of our MOST ABnormal clients who in 2012 made some huge changes to their life <<

My ABnormal tribe…


– Exercise at least 3 x p/week – (and I’m not talking X-Trainer, treadmill or non-progressive fitness classes, I’m talking functional exercise that actually improves your quality of life)

– Make new eating habits in their life, swapping snacking from the biscuit tin for a handful of mixed fruit, nuts, seeds or swapping a diet coke for bottle of mineral water.

– Get Full support, advice and guidance from their coach. <<< This last one is a biggie. The reason most people fail by when joining a gym is they



1. Offer no accountability

2. Have a BIG lack in guidance and offer no progressive type of training


3. Often offer zero help in nutrition (the most important element of weight loss)

My Personal 2013 Mission!


I guess you could say that it is my mission for 2013 to help as many people as possible become ABnormal!

If you want to avoid the New Normal and are ready to make some real changes in

your life then why not drop us a line.

2013 ABnormality FREE consultation <


Here’s to your health and happiness in 2013,

Matt x



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