Julia’s Your Journey Challenge


The Your Journey Challenge – Julia Hamilton Week 1

Hi guys – hope you’re all good! Definitely a spring feel in the air today.

The Fit-Party!

Well, I have had one week of boot camp and I was feeling ok until the boot camp ‘fit party’ this morning,
which wasnt really a party, but a fitness test and log!!!!! I have felt like a blancmange ever since – all wobbly!!!!My last blog was before I started the Fit4Life Project and I was struggling with my ‘just jhoom’ classes.

Last Monday I enthusiastically started (at 6.45am) the bootcamp class.
It was quite snowy, so the first class was inside and everyone was very welcoming.
The one gentleman taking the class had bought healthy muffins for everyone, but myself, and the other newbies,
couldn’t have any because we are on a 14 day cleanse 🙁

“You can choose from different exercise levels”

However, Matt patiently explained the exercises to us (usually to my whines of ‘I can’t do that one’) and
we persevered with attaining our maxinum levels – or just
getting through the set in my case!!. I must admit, it was hard work, but I was proud of myself.
We did 5 different exercises – 3 sets of each exercise at our individual appropriate levels (mine is still at at 1 for them all!)
I really liked that fact that we can choose from different levels.

“Bursting with Pride”

Matt encouraged us to work as hard as we could, and I nearly sat in the corner and cried – but I managed to
complete the whole class (of a fashion) and I was bursting with pride. The other members of the group were
very complimentary and, although I couldnt walk, climb stairs or sit down (I had to fall into chairs), I still
spent the day elated.

Healthy food is delicious!

I also started my healthy eating programme last Monday and my elder daughter Sheena joined me. I found
that I needed to be organised, which Matt had warned me but, the food was delicious. I had to cut out dairy,
red meat, sugar and sweeteners, carbs, caffeine and alcohol.  Just sticking to water to drink at the moment!
The first 14 day cleanse Matt provided us with a menu, so no calorie counting or decisions!!!! Very helpful.So, for the rest of Monday I just focused on trying to move and drinking lots of water and prepping my food –

chicken and goats cheese (small amount) salad with advocado, spinach and tomato for lunch and grilled
chicken breast with roasted veg for dinner (breakfast was blueberries, strawberries and natural yogurt).In the evening – I had finished work at 10.30 and gone back to work at 4pm, I decided to go to ‘just jhoom’

with Amy to try and loosen up. My friend Anita and my daughter Sheena came with me and I enjoyed the session,
although I did not feel very co-ordinated!!!! It did loosen me up and I managed to fling myself around the room in
time to the music and reasonably follow Amy’s instructions!!!! Then back to work – a warm bath and bed!!!!!!!!Well, Tuesday – was I stiff, or was I stiff? It hurt me to stand, sit, walk, lie down or move at all. I took a brisk walk – well

 it was more of a stagger than a brisk walk – but it did loosen me up!!!!!
Work in the evening was ok cos I sat down all evening, but when I went to go to bed, again I had stiffened up!!
And so the week went on, and gradually got easier! Wednesday evening I went out to celebrate Scribal Gathering’s
Third Anniversary in Stoney Stratford – lovely evening and I managed to stick with pints of water with lemon slices.
Some amazing poets and singers – love this style of evening.

Re-Assessment with Matt

Some of the lovely meals I’ve had over this week are: chicken and prawn stir fry, homemade chilli made with turkey mince,

thai turkey curry and homemade veg soup (butternut squash, sweet pots, carrot, parsnip and onion.So now I am starting week 2! Feeling good and looking forward to my re-assessment this coming friday.

The guys taking the classes are really helpful and supportive. I would recommend anyone who wants to lose weight or

get fit to contact them.
I have an exciting week ahead with a special friend coming to stay for a couple of nights at the end of the week, a dinner
party friday night with close friends (i’m taking thai turkey curry), raising the awen valentines eve wednesday eve and growing
in confidence
with my exercises! I am not going to do BOKWA or just jhoom this week – until i have got my 14 day cleanse out of the way –
and next week I am going to start belly dancing – BOKWA, jhoom and belly – watch out world, here I come! xI hope this blog has been imformative, I will catch up with you all at the weekend, and I should be able to give you some figures of inch and weight loss. Any questions, please ask, don’t be shy!!!!!! x Julia Hamilton

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