I’M BACK…Kinda

Hi All,

I’m back! Well back to my laptop at least!!!
In case you’ve wondered why your inbox hasn’t been so busy this past month or so, well…

I’ve not had the best of months if I’m honest but you can read more about that below if you have a few minutes to spare.

The good news is I’m back. I’m by no means 100% fit but that won’t stop me updating my blog and keeping you up to date with the best diet and workout tips around.

I’ve built up a substantial client/friend email list over the past few years from all over the world, so I feel a duty to keep you all informed with myself, Lifestyle Personal Training and Health and Fitness in general.
The 17th May was my Mothers Birthday. It was also the day my life was turned upside down, when I was called into hospital at short notice and diagnosed with a rare type of Cancer- A Lymphoma.
My consultant said he see’s a case like mine maybe every 2-3 years of which unlike many
Cancers they have no reasoning for, just plain bad luck.

Yeah that’s right. Me. Matt Sutton, Personal Fitness Trainer and health freak! I’m not bitter. I already feel like this could be a life changing experience for the better and have had the best support from family and friends that I could ever ask for.
The last 3 weeks have been hell but today… I’m back.

Positive steps
I have a long way to go with my treatment but I feel alive again just by taking positive steps to get better and beating this awful disease. As well as enduring the Chemotherapy I’m also using complimentary treatments such as Reiki and Hypnotherapy.

Since my diagnosis I’ve started to see the world a little differently too, enjoying the simple things in life and really appreciating time spent with family and friends. Even though I’m still not working currently, I’ve started writing programs and ideas for clients and bootcamps for when I do get back to work as my work is what I love to do.

The Good News
I am already planning my next Boot Camp using the help of two other great personal trainers who I’ve worked with in the past. You think I can be mean, you wait til these two girls get to work on you!!!
The date for our next Boot Camp is TBC so stay tuned.
Meanwhile I will be updating the blog more often again now as I’ve had a few requests on new workouts etc.


We’re all dealt a hand in life, make the most of the cards you’ve got.

Eat good food, keep fit, go for regular check ups, be sensible and have fun!!!

Make the most of everyday.

Appreciate time spent with family & friends.

Take positive steps to goals you have in life, don’t just settle on what is easy.

Dig deep when needed and go for opportunities that arise.

I’ve also found the importance of relaxation! This is not something I’m used to and I have found that it’s almost like learning a new skill, being able to just switch off and clear the mind. Life is soooo busy these day’s, everyone is in a rush! Is this way of living a good quality of life??? Probably not.

Take Care for now,


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