30th B’Day *Special*FREE Workout

So tomorrow I turn the grand old age of 30!


WOW what a decade its been!

Last night I was reminiscing over all the things that have

happened in my life in this last decade…

  • I followed my dream and set up my own fitness business (L-PT Ltd) which is now a thriving business with a team of just over 25 trainers, nutritionists and holistic health coaches.
  • I travelled around Australia on my own – My mother still wonders how I made it back alive (so do I!)
  • I became the youngest ever person to win FOUR English Billiards Championships since records started in 1888.
  • I beat Cancer! Yes this was a BIGGIE!
  • I bought my first house!
  • I got Married and had an amazing honeymoon in Thailand.
  • Last year I was recognised by the World Fitness Elite for my work in the Fitness Industry and I was featured in USA Today and the Independent

These ^^^ are the biggies anyway. Its nice to reminice, I recommend everyone trys it now and then.


Your Gift to Me! 

So moving on to tomorrow, my 30th… and I thought what better gift could I have from you my valued client, follower or subscriber than to complete this Fat-Busting, Fitness En-Hancing 30th B’Day workout special!!! Up for it? I’d be VERY disapointed if you couldn’t take 10 miuntes out of your day to hit this B’Day workout special 🙁 🙁


Matts 30th Birthday Workout Special

This should take no more than 10-12 minutes! So consider it a small gift haha.

I may decide a bigger gift is deserved if the feedback is this is too easy!


Ok here we go…Matt’s 30th B’Day SPECIAL Workout


Warm Up first of course with some mobility moves like arm rolls, leg swings

and torso twists.


Main Workout



Perform 10 x squats, press ups and burpees with ZERO REST

Go straight into a 30 second plank hold.



Perform 20 x squats, press ups and burpees with ZERO REST

Go straight into a 30 second side plank hold on right side


Part 3 – The BIG 3…0

Perform 30 x squats, press ups and burpees with ZERO REST

Go straight into a 30 second side-plank hold on left side.


Let me know how quick you can complete the above workout!!!


That would be an immense gift,


Have a great day 🙂




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