The No.1 Weight-loss Frustration SOLVED

Question ; Who has that post-Easter I need

to hit the gym & start exercising kinda



Now be honest!


I’m pretty sure you’re not alone, infact I reckon there’s a whole lot of people thinking of making a few fitness changes

from today just like they did at the start of the year with New Years Resolutions.

Go to the gym? Go for a run? Start back on a diet programme?


The Truth

Truth is just like the New Year resolutions chances are these attempts will fail in less than a month.

No I’m not pointing my finger at you I’m talking general population.




So the question is WHY IS IT so many people set themselves

goals they NEVER achieve?


The most common reason people NEVER achieve any of their true goals or dreams in life is because they haven’t

followed any type of successful goal-setting formula or practice. Its cliche but how do you know you’ve arrived if you

haven’t planned a destination??


You MUST MUST MUST think very clearly and carefully about what it really is that you want to achieve.

Below is the exact formula I use with my clients, Feel free to try it yourself.

It’s called the S.M.A.R.T way to Success.




STEP 1: Goals MUST be S.M.A.R.T 


  • TIME


Common goal setting mistakes…


…Goal, “ I want to lose weight and get fit”. 

– This is NOT a good goal because it does NOT meet any of the S.M.A.R.T criteria outlined above!!!


Now lets convert the above into a S.M.A.R.T Goal –

Goal – “To lose 10Ibs in weight and drop down to a size 10 by July 16th”


Not only is this goal far more specific but it has a due by date i.e this goal can actually be

measured which makes the person setting it far more accountable.


STEP 2: Goals must be Internalised

Internalising goals means that you already FEEL them as if they have already happened. This is a form of

the well-known technique – visualisation.


Try it now! Take 5 minutes quiet time, close your eyes and picture yourself achieving your goals.


  1. Imagine and visualize yourself achieving your goals & dreams
  2. Write down how it feels to having achieved them. Write down what is different about your life, what has changed and what do you see etc etc. Go into as much detail as you can. Make it vivid and colourful.


An Example of a S.M.A.R.T goal internalised may look like this…


 “It is now July 16th, the day before my long awaited holiday! 


I have lost 11Ibs in weight and I have finally dropped down to a size 10. I feel fantastic and confident in wearing my bikini on the beach. I am so glad I have achieved this as otherwise I would have been really disappointed with myself. I definately would not feel as confident on the beach as I have done”.



Still not motivated enough? Try my B plan…


The Frustration  – Now we flip it! This is gonna hurt!


  1. Now write down how you would have felt had you NOT achieved these goals.
  2. How will you feel as a result?

Many people find answering the frustration more motivating than answering how it will feel. That is essentially our goal.

Tony Robbins philosophy to success is along these lines too – To achieve any goal in life simply make the pain of not achieving

it bigger than the pain of achieving it.


If you are currently following ANY fitness or diet programme in a bid to lose weight or improve your health, please just take 5 minutes out of your day to write down at least 3 SMART GOALS. 


Print these off & keep them with you ALL the time.



To your health,


Your Coach,

Matt Sutton



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