My Unstoppable Success Formula REVEALED


Todays post is going to be unlike anything else I’ve ever written! Today I really am

giving away my best [email protected]$!


The (Life) Sat-Nav Success Analogy

It has become more and more apparent to me over the past few years that before we

embark on ANY new journey it is soooo important we input a destination (just like you do to your sat nav) in our inds as to where we wish to finish.


What I have observed in the people that don’t achieve there goals is they either do not realise

the importance of using there (life) sat-nav OR they do use it but they let the battery go dead & end up

trying to find there destination without any help at all!


If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll have read a lot about my fitness advice and nutritional advice

but I feel its now time for me to move into the realms of mindset Success…Programming

your mind to start something and finish it!


So today I want you to Forget about Health & Fitness!

For just once you’ll be pleased to read an article from me thats NOT telling you

which exercises to do,

which supplements to take,

what to eat or anything about health!


I’m basically saying forget about health & fitness today. This post has been coming for a while & after a

recent success of my own, today is time to share!


My hope with this post is to inspire and motivate other to set some bold goals and GO GET’EM!

And within this post I’m going to help you with my personal Unstoppable Success Formula!




TOP SECRET – The Most Important thing I’ve EVER learnt about Success…


Before I go any further I want to let you in on a Top Secret, something I’ve never shared with anyone.

I want to reveal to you WHY it is that the Super-Successful give away their best stuff?

You’ve seen all the auto-biographies (Sports stars, Celebrities and even super successful business people like Jobs, Branson, Sugar who have amassed huge fortunes). They really do give away so much of their

best tips, content, solutions.




Why would they do this? Surely everyone else would just copy their ideas? Steal?


Your answer might be because good content sells? Yes for sure thats one reason but here’s another you

probably have never considered…and its the same reason

I’m giving away my Unstoppable Success Formula in this post Today.




Answer = The Pareto Principle< Link here ….

…..the Law of the Vital few.



Pareto’s Principle states:

“80 percent of output is produced by 20 percent of input.” or alternatively
“80 percent of outcomes are from 20 percent of causes” or alternatively
“80 percent of contribution comes from 20 percent of the potential contribution available”

I studied Pareto’s Law a few years ago after reading the four hour work week & became fascinated.



There are many many examples of how the 80/20 rule works but in the context of this blog, Pareto’s law

states only 20% of people reading this will have any effect of its context.


Infact its more likely that closer to only 5% of people will actually take any kind of action at all on what they read.


If you think about your experiences in life you may be able to identify some examples of Pareto’s Law in your life.

I can think of tonnes in my life!!!


Are you ready to Join the 20%


It really boils down to this – for whatever reason people just don’t stick or complete what they set out too. 80% don’t anyway.

My college course is a great example….The two year Sport & Leisure course I was on started with 20 students.


Only FOUR of us out of 20 ended up working

in the Leisure industry.


Most others got driving jobs, manual labour, office work etc etc.


So this example fits Pareto’s Principle perfectly.


So the question is… If you haven’t joined the 20% yet are you ready? If you are you should read on. If you are

completely content with life. Happy. And have achieved all your goals then don’t waste your time.


My Unstoppable Success Formula to achieve ANYTHING in Life!


I believe with my simple four-step-formula revealed below you can achieve ANYTHING in your life. 

  • Better health
  • Better fitness
  • Better job
  • Better Lifestyle
  • Happiness

….basically a better life by getting whatever it is you want.


Sound good?




Firstly, if you had to list your top three loves/priorities/values in life what would they be?


Here are mine:

  1. Wife & family
  2. Health/Fitness/My business (its all kinda the same thing)
  3. My Sport


I would genuinely like to hear what your three are? Please share in the comments section below.


How these relate to my Unstoppable Success Formula

So what I’d like to do is go into a bit more detail about my three to help explain how this fits in with the Unstoppable Success Formula I live by.


I would predict (hopefully that most of you would choose family as number one?). My wife & family are EVERYTHING to me. They are and have always been the driving force behind EVERYTHING I have achieved and always will. I’m also already feeling inspired by the child we have on the way even though it hasn’t been born yet! My family inspire me, support me, motivate me and I can’t thank them enough for everything.


No.2 Health/ fitness/my job!

Health & fitness maybe but most people may not put their job at number two? Then again most people I’ve met don’t love what they do as much as me but my belief is maybe they simply haven’t been inspired enough to create their own future. Maybe its time?

My inspiration to create my business & current lifestyle came initially from my father. As a child my biggest memory was listening to him complain about his job, the long hours, the shifts etc etc. Like most children I was very ignorant to bills, mortgages etc etc

My view was simply if its that bad Dad why not do something different? Get another job!

Seemed like a no-brainer to me. Obviously as you get older you realise its often not as easy as that

however I do believe if you want it enough you’ll ALWAYS find a way.



So I made a decision at a very early age that whatever I did I would love it. I would get up in the morning and look forward to it. I stuck to that decision and today was a typical awesome day at the office.

Up at the crack of dawn to train 20 people who have made a decision to do something immensley positive –

Get up and train.

Train hard.

Take in the fresh air and go to work feeling energized! Feeling strong, on top of the world.

Following the session this morning my members were telling me how my programme has literally changed their lives. One member told me he needs to go shopping as he can now fit in the same clothes he wore 20 years ago.

Love it!

I cannot tell you how awesome it is to hear this kinda feedback.

To hear all the hundreds of hours I’ve put into learning my trade, applying it and creating my very own system to change lives and then for it all to finally pay off.

Its simply awesome.

“The only way to predict the future is to create it”


One of my favourite quotes and one I live by is,”The only way to predict the future is to create it”. Makes complete sense.

However creation takes, inspiration, drive, passion and an element of relentlessness and obsession – the last one is just my view but I’ve yet to meet anyone who is super successful that is not at least a little obsessed by what they do. If you’ve never felt this way you may think of obsession is a bad thing.

Have you made your Dent on the Universe yet?


It can be of course but applied correctly & can change the world. I like the idea of being part of changing the world, be it even a tiny 0.1% dent on the universe. That is my 0.1% & no-body can ever take that away from me! What is your 0.1%??? I’d love to know. If your not sure thats cool, read on & hopefully I can help you find it…..


No.3 – My Sport –

In case you didn’t know, Snooker & Billiards have played a huge part in my life ever since I can remember.


A fortnight ago I won my fifth English Amateur Billiards Championship, a championship that dates back to 1888.

After hardly picking up my cue this season the idea of winning the coveted title again seemed nigh on impossible. I had a reasonable draw through to the semi-finals & lucky for me had 5-6 weeks before finals weekend. Having won the championship four times before I knew how hard I would have to work to win a fifth title.


(I’d like to share with you my journey to winning my fifth title with the hope that you can

take away the success formula steps revealed at the end of this post)


Have you ever really wanted something but just

can’t muster up the motivation?


The first two weeks of this training I did nothing! I just could not get my head into gear. You know this feeling



I simply hadn’t got my head around whether I could really muster up the energy and make the sacrifice

to put the hours into practice that I knew I had to – to even have a chance of winning.


The Decision

I guess during that two week period I was looking for inspiration. I knew I needed to dig really deep!


I needed a reason. In business & fitness they often call it finding your WHY. I talk about the why to my clients a lot.

I’ve actually had clients fall to tears when digging deep for their why to lose weight. You see most people are in denial about thre current circumstances. They don’t really want to face up to them. Its just too uncomfortable. The problem with this however is until all the defense mechanisms have been peeled away they’ll never find the root of their WHY.




Going back to my quest for a fifth title, experience had taught me winning was merely a decision. I knew from experience that if you decide you will.

However my WHY just wasn’t big enough. I hadn’t peeled enough layers!!

I’d won it four times already and was thinking what difference would another one really make? I was desperate to find my WHY/REASON. I needed inspiration.


It all happened in 90 seconds!


Then one day I got what I needed. I was training one of my longest standing clients and close friends, who after my family has been my biggest inspiration in my life by far.

He knows who he is.

As always he was straight to the point and very frank with me.


The conversation was very short and over within around 90 seconds…


Matt you’ve won it four times which is good but five times is waaay better.

Five is world class. Get your head down and win it. I know you will.  Do it. Do it!


And their it was.

The Lesson: “Always have positive people around you”

What could I say to that!

Having positive people around you is so important. They say you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I wouldn’t disagree with this at all.

Hang around positive, succesful people & guess what will happen….


It had taken two weeks and now in just 90 seconds I found the inspiration I was looking for!

 The “I can do this Mindset”

Sometimes inspiration just happens but sometimes you have to actively look. And like all inspirations it has to be just right. The right time, the right place and from the right person.

Coming from a guy who has built and created a multi-million pound business from nothing – well, this was easily enough to give me the kick up the arse I was looking for.

So that was it, that was the 90 seconds that really pulled my lazy butt off the ground and get my head into a I can do this mindset.


Being Relentless

I was actually dreading the thought of spending countless hours practicing but it didn’t matter.

I made the decision. Just like some of the inspirational clients who drop amazing amounts of weight I followed my

next rule. Be Relentless! 

At any opportunity between work I put countless hours in. I’m sure this dread is exactly how many people feel just before starting one of my weight loss programs! However just like everyone, once barriers have been broken down, things get easier, better and success just happens. Many of my clients will agree with this.



The first two weeks was dreadful!

I had a practice session with a fellow player not even in the tournament & he wiped the floor with me! He couldn’t believe how bad I was. Nor could I!!! Woeful I think is the word!


I’d never experienced such a bad patch EVER! I hit a huge brick wall. Again this must be how some people feel when they’ve been training hard for a few weeks and the weight just ain’t moving.

Experience however taught me to ride the storm. Embrace the badness & use that frustration to work HARDER!


I upped the hours. I didn’t enjoy any of it! A typical practice shot that I usually would get 90% of the time I was getting 20%!

The frustation got worse but experience told me this bad patch would pass. I knew the standard I needed to be at to win my 5th title & with 2 weeks to go I felt I was still 30% off form. The main problem I had was my concentration levels were awful. My mind was still on a hundred other things.

I’ve always been told by people concentration was my strongest area but right now it was my weakest.


Coming through the Storm


4-5 days before the final I played the same guy who thrashed me only 3 weeks previous. I turned the tables and played one of my finest sessions for some time and beat him by quite a margin.


Finally, things had just started to come together.


Pareto’s Principle & Choosing the 20%

I also adjusted my diet and went completely clean.

My concentration was still not where it had been in the past but I knew with my nutritional knowledge

I could make this extra 10% up through good nutrition. Most people reading this would probably wonder how could nutrition have any bearing on a cuesport!!

Trust me the link is far far under-estimated. Mind & Body are linked right? Giving away some of my secrets here!

There’s no need to have ups & downs in energy if you get your diet right. Its these small extra efforts that are the difference between being in the 20% as opposed to the 80%.




It was by no means easy but 2 weeks ago this Sunday I picked up my fifth title.



So, was all the stress, hard work, hours worth it?

You bet ya!

And not because of the trophy, money, the title, the record (well a little on this one!) or any of that.

It was purely the self satisfaction of going through the same 1-4 success steps that I’ve always taken. I call these my …



Unstoppable Success Formula – 4 Step Summary


Now although even though I said this wasn’t (for a change) about weightloss or fitness, I hope I got the message across that these steps can literally be applied to anything.


1. Firstly find & use what drives you. Then look for inspiration. Inspiration is around us all the time.

2. Make a decision. If you’ve been putting off anything for some time why wait? Life’s too short. If you want to lose weight or do something about your health but just haven’t had the courage or haven’t broke your fears maybe you need to look for inspiration first?

3. Be relentless – Commit & take action – When it gets hard, work harder. When that gets hard work a little harder. The self-satisfaction is worth it I promise. If you don’t get the results you wanted, rather than getting down on yourself use this frustration to dig deep & work harder at it. If its still too hard seek support. Research, talk to experts, look at others that have achieved what you aspire too. Always a way my friend!



If you’ve never heard that quote before read it again 10 x until it really sinks in.



Decide…Commit….Take Action…..Be relentless until you Succeed..

Now maybe this isn’t what you wanted to read. Maybe you were looking for some kinda short cut. Sorry but

thats 80% talk. If you want to join the 20% you have to do things different.

Work HARD but more important than that work SMART!


The self satisfaction of finally achieving a big goal is unreal.



Like I said you can use this formula to achieve ANYTHING. I’ve used it for my sport and to build one

of the leading fitness companies in Northamptonshire but you can use it anyway you like.


For instance if weight loss is your goal & you are ready to decide & commit then guess what (cheeky plug coming up) maybe its time to decide? Time to commit.

But YOU have to make the decision not me. Next step….Who can inspire you?

Who do you know that has achieved amazing body transforming results? If you don’t know anyone don’t worry just come to one of my camps. I have a whole load of people who will inspire you with their amazing stories!


The Fit4Life Project kicks off a whole new camp on Monday. There’s no time better than the present to get your journey started!


Call me today. Lets do this!

[email protected]


Thanks for reading and if all else fails I hope at least 20% of you can take at least a little inspiration from this post.






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