FINALLY a Mid-Morning Weight loss Solution for Ketterings

FINALLY – A  Proven Weight loss  SOLUTION

In Kettering for STAY-AT-HOME


I AM MEGA EXCITED about todays post.


I’m a soon to be Dad. I am extremely excited. Seriously, I can’t wait.


Three years ago when I was diagnosed with a life threatening Cancer,

if someone had told me I’d marry my beautiful wife, buy a lovely house and

start our own family, I probably would have told them, you’re mad!


I can only thank God it’s actually happening.


Now even though I cannot wait, I’m also well aware of how god damn busy I’m going

to be! I already feel like their are not enough hours in the day but I keep getting told on a

near daily basis

how its going to get even harder once we have our first child! And the lack of sleep too!!!


Oh how parents love telling me how little sleep I’m going to have haha!


Its has ARRIVED…The Busy Parent Solution to

Staying in great shape


This whole experience however has really had me thinking recently…..How do busy Parents fit in

me-time-fitness-training in around there children to keep in great or at least reasonable shape?


Lets face it, none of us want to be that parent that gets out of breath after just 5 minutes of

running around after there most treasured. I certainly don’t!


So about 3 months ago when this idea popped into my head I started making some notes on what I thought

would be the perfect answer for non-working Mums & Dads.


– Things like term-time only training seemed like an obvious choice.

– The workouts would have to be pretty short but long enough to still make great improvements.

– The nutrition plan would have to be very simple to follow & fit in & around family.

– The list went on somewhat more but you get the idea right?


Well Todays post is to reveal that the programme is DONE

& ready to ROCK!!!


The Stay-at-home-Mums/Dads of Kettering are about to get in the best shape of their life!



A bootcamp is for people who want to crawl under cargo nets,

be shouted at

and get beasted to the point of injury.



I have not done what I consider bootcamp type training in three years.


If thats what you’re looking for then this programme is NOT for you my friend!



The Fit4Life Project is a result based Health, Fitness and Fatloss Group-Personal-Training-Programme.

We follow a SPECIFIC RESULT DRIVEN system backed up by some of the worlds leaders in nutrition,

fitness & fatloss.


The ideal Solution for Mums & Dads to get in AMAZING shape during term-time (after the school/nursery run).


In the past we have only ever offered early morning and evening group training sessions.

Today I am extremely pleased to announce that due to popular demand we will be offering our first ever,

Mid-Morning Fit4Life Project. I can’t wait to help the Mums & Dads of Kettering get in amazing shape!


 Full Details:


Start/Finish Dates : 10th June – 19th July

Location: Kettering Park Hotel – Shower facilities ARE available after training

Days/Times: Monday/Wed/Fridays 9.30am-10.15am

The Programme: The Six Programme will be structured like a group personal training programme.

This allows beginners or people who haven’t exercised for some time to also get amazing results. It will be slightly different to our normal

camps. A bit more exclusive as we will be only taking a maximum of 12 clients. This is due to us being indoor and using

high-tech personal training equipment. This will allow us to use advanced training methods in the latter weeks of camp including

Kettle-bell training, suspension training and free weights.


OUR AMAZING Special One-Time-Offer

Due to this being our very first Mid-Morning Camp ever, we are offering an amazing Special One-time offer for the Full Six Week Package.


Check out the Full Package below:

  • Six Weeks Fat Busting Fitness – 18 X 45 minute Sessions in total (Worth £200)

  • Full Access + On-going Coaching to the Fit4Life “Lean Body” Nutrition System (Worth £36)

  • Fit4Life Project T-Shirt (Worth £15)

  • 90 RECIPE COOKBOOK (Worth £12)

  • PHYSICAL COPY OF MANUAL (Worth £10.00)


  • Access to group Forum (£10)

  • 28 Day Fit4Life School-of-Weightloss Email Series (Worth £15)

  • Personalised Weigh-in and measurements taken at start & end of six week programme. (Worth £15)

Total Value of Package: £370-00


Special ONE-OFF, 

Launch Price……. ONLY £97-00!





If you’re thinking….WOW it all sounds great Matt but what if I don’t get amazing results? Okay well this is how confident I am…




I am so confident in this program that if for some crazy

reason you don’t DROP at least one clothes size on this

program you’ll get every single penny of your

investment back!


Can’t wait to get you guys cracking!


If you have ANY questions at all

about our new program please feel free to email us here [email protected]





Northants Leading Fat loss Specialist

2012 World Fitness Elite Trainer of the Year

Director Lifestyle Personal Training Ltd

Creator of The Fit4Life Project





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