Kettering Personal Trainer REVEALS New Type of Detox”


——> I’m starting  a NEW CRAZE — The Brain Detox <——-




How the heck are ya???


Truth is I’ve taken a little time out of my business.


Two weeks away was EXACTLY what I needed to refresh

and get focused on my goals ahead.



I’m a really big believer that….





I believe Headspace (or lack of it) is the

Root-of-all-evil when it comes to achieving weightloss or

any goal for that matter.


Its so easy to get caught up in the maze of life.

Busy, busy, busy all the time.


BUT, if we don’t STOP …now and again

we can easily start hitting dead ends within this Maze.


Get Focused

I’ve been working heavily on my fitness & nutritional knowledge

over the past few years which has resulted in

life changing body transformations


BUT being the perfectionist that I am I feel I can still

help more people in more ways.


And I’m convinced the answer lies in MINDSET.



Avoid the Noise!!


If you have been struggling to achieve any specific goal

for a while now

chances are its simply because you have too much other information

coming in – making it simply IMPOSSIBLE to fully focus on achieving

your goal.


I refer to this as NOISE!


Lets take the most common of goals out there – weightloss.


Everyday the media are telling us conflicting information about what we

should & shouldn’t be eating or drinking blah blah blah.


No wonder we’re turning into a obese nation, people haven’t a clue which way to turn!


My advice..


 Turn the Volume DOWN!!!!


I truly believe if you simply spent a little time

getting some headspace, looking at

what you’re currently doing to lose weight

and started putting

an action plan into place you would have done the HARDEST

part of actually achieving your goal – MAKING A PLAN!


You must of heard the saying,”Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.


So true!


Thing is with all the noise and busyness around us we rarely

STOP and ask why things aren’t working.




My advice is forget dieting or fitness. Get your head

right first by having a Brain-Detox!



(oh yeah & this is the bit you contact me! haha)


How to DO a Brain-Detox:

  • Firstly get away from your normal surroundings. No you don’t have to be on holiday! Just find somewhere quiet for half a day.
  • Get away from the noise – No internet connection! Thats right, NO FACEBOOK, TWITTER, EMAIL, TEXT MESSAGES or any other form of NOISE. All you need is a pen & paper to start mapping out your masterplan!
  • Don’t buy a paper or watch the news. Try this for a whole week. How often do you hear a story of good news? Murders, stabbings, kidnappings BAD, BAD, BAD. Or to put it another way TOXIC to your mind. Take a week from news and I guarantee you’ll start feeling happier and less stressed.
  • Use this NOISE-FREE-TIME to start thinking clearly about setting some REAL goals. Set some dates. Think about how you’ll feel when you achieve these goals. What difference will it make to your life?
  • Source expert advice. Whateve your goal is, don’t be afraid of asking for some expert advice. This is like your fast-track ticket to success!!
  • If your goal is weightloss FORGET all the BS you’ve ever read! Forget all the latest diet fads. Take action. Contact me for a FREE no obligation consultation.

If weightloss is your goal you won’t find a better

solution than this  —> The 777 Challenge

Have a great weekend!
M x
PS. I’m doing a survey right now on what people struggle with the most
when it comes to losing weight, getting fit etc. If you could spare a minute
I’d really appreciate your feedback?
Maybe its:
– Motivation?
– Knowledge of which exercise works or which ones are wasting your time?
– Unsure of which foods to eat?
– How to beat sugar cravings?
Or any others?


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