The Food MORE Addictive than Cocaine


Without ANY shadow of a doubt the No.1 Culprit to weight-

gain is the vast amount of sugar being consumed in the

average persons diet.  

(By the way if you’re not too hot on nutrition Carbs = Sugar).


(Cereals, Breads, Pasta, Rice, Crisps, Chocolate, Fruits, Vegetables, Fizzy drinks, Pastries,

etc etc etc…) Any of these sound familiar? (I’m hoping you can decipher which of the ones

above are the good ones!).


Are we heading for a 100% Sugar Society?


Stephen Guyenet, a neurobiologist at the University of Washington,

predicts if we continue eating sugar at the rate we have over the

last 200 years,

by the year 2606 the U.S. diet will be 100% sugar.

(And as we know the Uk won’t be far behind! SCARY THOUGHT HUH?




In 1822, the average person consumed 6.3 pounds of sugar a year. In 1999, the average person consumed 107.7 pounds of sugar in a year.

Dr. Guyenet puts these numbers in perspective: “In 1822, we ate the

amount of added sugar in one 12 ounce can of pop every five days,

while today we eat that much sugar every seven hours.”


WHY and HOW has it got this Bad?

The mis-education about the dangers of sugar consumption is widespread.


It’s in the school systems, the home, and even the medical community.

If we take the advice of our government guidleines and eat a grain-rich,

low-fat diet, we are setting ourselves up for disease and obesity.


Dr. Guyenet tells us that the dramatic rise in sugar consumption comes

from “a single factor: the industrialization and commercialization of the

American food system.”

Or, in other words, we are eating food made by large industries that are more interested in the dollar than in our health.

Sugar….More Addictive Than Cocaine?

Can’t kick your sugar habit?
You’re definitely not alone… Today, we eat more than 100 pounds of sugar per year!

Not only does sugar alter gene expression and negatively affect several biochemical pathways – it is also one of the most addictive substances on the planet!

One 2007 study found that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. The group of researchers conducting the study found that sugar surpasses what is called “cocaine reward” in most mammals, including rats and humans.

Although sugar does not contain opiates (as other addictive substances do, like heroin) it does stimulate the release ofendogenous opiates.
These are opiates that we make ourselves.

No matter how harmful a food or substance may be to the body, the sensation of pleasure keeps us coming back for more, while at the same time altering brain chemistry.

Like any addiction, whether to coffee or a relationship,

change happens when we realize that we are greater than the sum of chemicals floating around our nervous tissue.

This can be tough to swallow – especially when it comes to breaking habits and ending addiction.

My No.1 Tip to Break the Sugar Addiction


They’re are actually quite a few tactics you can use to cut the crack!

Firstly if you really must use sugar or sweeteners a much better far less processed

and natural choice would be STEVIA.


Stevia is derived from the leaves of the stevia plant.


However this is post is about kicking the habit NOT recommending a new one!

So here it is, my recommendation to kick your sugar addiction..





I will explain why in a bit but firstly I’d like to reveal that before three months ago,

I had NEVER tried a greens drink before 

in my life! (Apart from obviously the home-made kind).


Three months later I can’t imagine not having it in my life ever again!

In hindsight its one of the best nutritional decisions I’ve ever made.



Why? Well how about three reasons…


Firstly my wife will agree I am no Jamie Oliver!


Secondly as a nutritionist I know how damn important greens are to the body! (By the way

five a day is B*ll s**t! 5 a-day consumption of fruit and veg should be a very MINIMUM requirement

for optimum health.)


Thirdly like 95% of the population I’m an insanely busy person. I love my job,

I love my lifestyle but I do work damn hard for it. So its no surprise that

prepping daily vegetable based meals is something I find tough to fit in.


But whats this got to do with your sugar addiction? (I’ll leave the geeky

science out)

Not all the time but more than often, people grab a sugary snack,


or bit of chocolate

for an ENERGY FIX! As opposed to just eating it for taste. You may not think

you do



When you eat sugary snacks your insulin levels sky rocket.


After an hour or two insulin starts to plummet.


What happens? Yes you guessed it… you need your HIT again, (so to speak!).


So it makes sense right, that if you could swig back a drink that

keeps energy levels high ALL THE TIME, you wouldn’t have to keep reaching

for the biscuit tin?


Like I said I’ve been using the product below for 3 months

now and I can report:

– I’m waking up for the first time ever before my alarm!!!

– I’m waking up with around 40-50% more energy (I take my greens drink before bed).

– Energy levels throught the day are also around about 25% up.


But don’t take my word for it!


Try it out for yourself….



PS.   I’m pleased to announce at the end of this month (30th July to be exact)

I will be hosting a one-off *SPECIAL* seminar.


As well as sharing more life enhancing secrets the bulk of the seminar will be me interviewing some of our best ever transformations and finding out EXACTLY

how they over-come struggles like sugar addiction and many more. 




Stay Strong, Stay Healthy 🙂




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