Kettering Weight-Loss Expert Hosts Unmissable Live Event



One of my biggest bug bears in my

Industry is EGO!



My facebook newsfeed is pretty much a daily EGO SPLURGE


hundreds of Fit-Pro friends touting

they’re greatness. (Yes that includes me from time to time

too! Its in our blood!)


What you’ll find EVERYDAY on my News-Feed:

> What new workout they’ve done,

> What new course they’re going on,

> How hard they just worked a client,

> How many sessions they’ve worked,

> How important it is to exercise

> Why you shouldn’t eat XXX

> and the clear winner goes to…..MOTIVATIONAL PICTURE/QUOTES!

Oh how a FitPro loves these. 



Added to that I see contstant advertising from

gyms about how great their equipment is,

> How many treadmills they have,

> How many classes they do etc etc.

> How lovely their pool is.

And my favourite is the re-gergetated marketing pitches, which are the same EVERY year!

> Spring into Fitness,

> Shape up for Summer,


Now be honest with me

Don’t get me wrong we all need motivating with the odd quirky quote.


We also like the finer things in life (nice surroundings, pools, steam rooms etc)




if you are completely honest with yourself and with me,

when joining a gym,

starting training with a new PT or whatever it is,

answer me this..


…”Do you really give a crap about any of this?


I may be wrong here but my guess is all YOU want to know is:

  1. If you’re going to lose stubborn fat 
  2. If you’re going to get a nice Toned Body
  3. If it’ll help you feel less stressed
  4. If it’ll help you increase your energy levels
  5. If pretty soon you’ll feel like a brand new person. A confident one at that.

I think if everyone is really honest with themselves, this

is what they want. Like I said if I’m wrong please tell me.




Like most industries we also have a hell of a lot of bitching that goes on too!!!

(Its REALLY bad). Personally, I have ZERO time for it!

TBH – since the Cancer thing, my tolerance level

for this kinda thing is at an all time low! Life is just waaay to short my friend!


The X-Factor of Personal Trainers hahahaha

I’m serious though, if you saw my news feed you’d probably

think there was some kinda competition going on, like the X-Factor

of Personal Trainers!


  • Who can design the best workout
  • Who has the best six pack
  • Who has the most clients
  • Who has the best facility
  • Who’s worked the most hours today
  • I could go on.


All of this ^^^^ = EGO!


I VERY rarely see gyms or personal trainers talking about the

one thing that keeps them in business…



Personally I wanna know more about the lives they’re changing.

Thats the reason I’m in business. I gain immense satisfaction

from changing lives.


Written testimonials are good, I use these. (However I have no

doubt many are using fakes).


Before and after pictures are also great. Although I’ve even had local

gyms stealing mine to use for their own marketing!!! TRUE STORY (gyms

rarely get results, so stealing before & afters is actually pretty common).


But better than ALL of these ^^^ is hearing succeess stories from the

horses mouth (so to speak!). Agree?


So I’m talking about hearing success stories in person. How often do you see that?


Finding out what their struggles were. Coz if they’re the same as yours

you can just copy right?


Frustrations. So many of my clients tell me about the frustration from

years of yo-yo dieting that they had until they started one of my programs.


Its always nice to know you’re not alone on this one!


 The Problem with Personal Trainers

90% of trainers have NEVER been over-weight. So who the

hell are we to tell people how easy it is to lose weight???


I know damn well I have no right! Okay I have my odd Fat-Matt

moment but due to my love of REAL food I actually would find it pretty

hard to gain weight.




So today I want to tell you about something I’m planning that will help you WAAAAAY

more than

any gym, personal trainer, workout, gym class, slimming club, pay-as-you-go bootcamp.


I want you to meet my legends.




My idea is to hold a one-off,

NO-HOLDS-BAR, LIVE EVENT that will share the FULL stories of some

of our most amazing transformations.


I’ll be interviewing these guys and asking some VERY personal questions.


Attendees will get a MASSIVE insight into what is REALLY possible when you

bite the bullet a commit to a result based program. Lets face it us trainers can tell

you what you wanna hear but how do you know we’re not telling a porky?


All will be revealed in this one-off live event. Added to that we have a Red-Scar Productions

Film Crew Recording the whole event. I’d love for you to be part of it. I CANNOT wait!!!




Not only will we be revealing all our clients secrets to success but I’ve also asked these guys if

they would share with you EXACTLY what they did to achieve such amazing

results. They said yes.


So at the end of the night every attendee of this live event will get a complimentary copy

of the “How they Did It” SUCCESS BLUEPRINT! 


More details to come on this so keep an eye on your inbox. If you’re not on my email list you’ll

probably miss out.


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PPS. This event goes LIVE this weekend.


I’m telling you this coz we only have 25 spaces. 🙁


Due to the nature of the event I wanted to keep it pretty

intimate so we can have a little Q & A time at the end too.


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