If Steve Jobs Was Your Personal Trainer…


Todays Post: Learn how to lose weight, decrease your stress levels & achieve more than you ever imagined using the Steve Jobs success principles.


After reading Steve Jobs autobiography back in May I’m hooked.



I’ve since read three more books on this genius.

I just find the guy fascinating.


(BTW incase you’ve been living in a box for the past 20 years Steve

Jobs is the dude who founded Apple & created your Iphone, Ipad, Mac).




The reason for this post is I truly believe we can learn a lot from people like Steve.

This is a guy that has revolutionised the way we work & the way we live. As I’ve said before success on many occasions our thinking must change first BEFORE our bodies can.

Apples mantra was THINK DIFFERENT. So its safe to say Steve wasn’t trying to hide his secret of success.

When it comes to weight loss, fitness & health far too many peoples thinking is the same.

Cut calories, drink diet shakes, attend slimming clubs, pay monthly gym memberships.

It’s pretty clear from the daily stats on obesity that this way of thinking is not working very well. I highly recommend reading books like Steve Jobs to start tapping into a new, more productive way of thinking.

Here’s what I learnt that I think will help you TODAY:


If his design team were creating something that didn’t fit the bill they would know about it!

Steve’s obsession was known to get him outraged at anything less than perfection.

You see he knew creating products built on this premise is what people wanted. Infact he was so adamant on this that he insisted that any apple product sold must be so simple to the consumer that it didn’t even need an instruction manual.


So how did he do this?


His method to achieve this simplicity were actually pretty simple themselves.

He looked at the other products and offerings out there and stripped them down to their bare minimum.


His way of working was simply removing as much as possible of the stuff that wasn’t really needed as possible.

He then used innovation to create a BETTER product. Pretty simple huh?


Not really. Simplicity is one of the hardest things to master (hence his frequent outbursts at his staff).


But what has this got to do with you?

Well chances are you found me because you’re looking to lose weight and/or improve

your health and fitness?

I’m CONVINCED one of the main reasons you may be struggling right now with

losing weight, getting fit etc etc is because its all just got so god damn complicated.

Am I right or am I right?


One day you’re told, low calorie, the next day low-fat, alchohol is good for you. You end up going round in circles right?

We’re bombarded with all this constant conflicting information on a daily basis.

Most people don’t know which way to turn let alone which aisle to shop from.


Use the Wisdom of Mr. Jobs to Get Fit N’ Healthy

If Steve Jobs was your Personal Trainer this is what I reckon he’d tell you to do.

Simplicity – Eat foods that our bodies are designed to eat. Forget you meal replacement shakes & crazy calorie counting diets.

Eat single ingredient foods that come as close as possible to there origin.

Organic fruit, vegetables, fish & meat.

Does it get any more simple than that?


As a nation we are consuming more chemicals (roughly 3,000 are added to our foods every year) than ever.

We also have the biggest obesity problem in history. Coincidence?


Strip Away whatever is NOT essential

The way people talk about apple products, you’d think Steve Jobs created the computer

or the phone or music player.


Of course not.


As a rule he removed everything BAD or UN-ESSENTIAL about a particular product & then added.

I recommend people use this very same method in their life. I meet a hell of a lot of people stressed to their eye-balls these days.


They think the answer is to exercise more.

Use supplements.

Buy a thousand pound exercise machine.

AGAIN all this does is break rule No.1 – keep it simple.

If stress levels are sky high all of this ^^^ is doing is ADDING to to you’re already stressed life.


Before doing any of this sit down & do a life diary.

Make a note of when you get stressed and why. At the end of the week sit down and spend a good hour brain-storming ideas as to how or what changes you can implement for the better.

The same goes with diet. Remove the crap out of your diet first and then start replenishing with goodness.


Your body will thank you.

Unsure what kinda foods I class as goodness? Need some help with meal ideas?





Have an awesome day!



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