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Last week a new member asked me something I VERY, VERY rarely get asked.


I was impressed to say the least.


She asked if she could keep herself accountable by writing a weekly JOURNAL of her progress,

revealing EXACTLY

how she’s feeling,

what struggles she’s endured

and what of course the postives that these changes were resulting in.


Emma Wynne – Weight loss Journey Week 1

This week has been the first week of my new start in terms of lifestyle,

supported by Matt Sutton from the Fit4 Life Project.  I have been enjoying being

part of his fitcamp (more later) for a few weeks now, but knew deep inside

that unless I changed my eating habits then my weight and more importantly

shape would not change.




So.. after enjoying 10 days in the South of France and all that has to offer in

terms of food and drink, 19th August was the start of something new.



I have been trying various diets for the best part of 25 years now (on and off) and

felt this needed to stop.  What I needed to do was to change my view on

nutrition whilst keeping up the exercise.  On several attempts over the years

I have lost up to 3 stone, only to put it all back on again within a year or two –

and bit more.


I know that this is because I have not changed my relationship with food.


I have always been a comfort eater, going right back to a childhood trauma

which is not for these pages.  Of course I did not know at the time that was

what I was doing, but 25 years later I have perfected the art.  Luckily now

the reasons have changed for eating but I still turn (or perhaps turned?) to the

wrong foods and too much when I feel stressed, upset and also to celebrate!


As a mum of two and a business owner, any of these emotions can be happening

each week!



I am determined to set a better example for my children, who are at the moment

both very fit and healthy, and I want this to remain as they grow up and are faced

with challenges that could result in developing behaviours like mine.  I read too

often, in fact it is on the front page of The Independent today, about childhood

obesity and poor fitness and I do not want that for my children.


Coffee & Sugar Cravings

So this has been my first week of the plan which is to cleanse my system and start

re-evaluating how I eat.  I thought that by day 2 I would be climbing the walls

missing my daily 8 cups of coffee and craving chocolate.  BUT I haven’t missed

either, I have missed what I associate with them but not the actual thing.


By this I mean feeling tired or overwhelmed and thinking “I need a coffee or

some cake” but actually as I know I cannot it has made me really think do

they help – and of

course they don’t.  There have been some examples when I have felt a bit

“fed up” and “deprived”, usually around the children’s carbs (!) but overall it

has been OK.


I am not saying it’s easy but as days pass it gets easier and

you get more creative with the foods you can have.


I continue to love the fitness sessions, and although I am

physically exhausted by the end it really does set me up for the day

with a real buzz.   Since getting to know the group there are some

amazing success stories of people who have completely changed

their bodies and with it their self-confidence and all sorts of other benefits.


I now even have one of them as an unofficial mentor, and she is a real

inspiration to me.


Monday coming will be the first time I step on the scales and so will report

back after that, but to be honest it is more about how I feel and most importantly

my measurements as they start to come down.


Until next time….


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One thought on “Emma’s Weight loss Journey P1 – Kettering Personal Trainer

  1. Motivation is the key to have a great weight loss journey. I salute you, Emma. You are an inspiration. Keep doing what you are doing and inspire more people who also wanted to lose extra weight.