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Today’s Post: Learn The Success Rules From My

Unborn Baby


I think it’s SO important as a personal trainer, nutritionist and

Weight loss Coach to make people aware that losing weight and getting

fit ain’t FRIGGIN EASY.





Every day, diet programs, magazines, T.V ads ETC are selling

this ridiculous magic pill idea that you can DO “THIS THING” (more

often than not “THIS THING” requires drinking shakes & taking an array of

potions) and get this amazing body and it will stay this way


B*** SH**!!


The Truth my friends.






The people who achieve,  what I call true success, are the one’s that

are NOT on a constant battle,


Jumping from one diet to another,



Joining a gym for 6 months then quitting,



Feeling guilty every time they eat a treat food,


AND getting downright depressed and stressed as a result.


**THIS ^^^ is what all those glossy magazines and 

fancy weight loss ads don’t tell you**


AND as you know it SUCKS right?


What Should You Aim For?

TRUE LONG TERM SUCCESS is achieved by those who understand

one of the most important concepts we can ever learn.


Its defo one I live by.






Success Rules from my Unborn Baby


In a few weeks my wife will give birth to our first child.


Will our baby start walking in 12 weeks?


Course not. (Bloody hope not!).


It’ll crawl first.


Then probably fall over 100 times and and hurt itself along the way!


Before FINALLY finding its feet and eventually start walking.


It may take 9 months. It could take 16.


Either way, it will happen BUT more importantly this whole process

provides a success analogy that all of us can learn from when it comes to

setting and achieving goals.


Even More Crazy than a 3 month Baby Walking

Mother with daughter on the white background.I regularly meet people who have spent around 15-20 years gaining weight. They

then expect me to help them lose all of it in 12 weeks.


Now you thought my baby walking 12 weeks was crazy? Nah this is crazy!


I don’t blame peeps for thinking this quantum leap is a good goal though.


I blame the media who send out these messages 24 hours a day.


Its just NOT realistic.


Oh by the way I don’t mean its not realistic to lose weight quickly.

(I’ll come back to that).


The bigger problem (excuse the pun) is NOT the 15 years of weight gain

BUT the 15 years of BAD HABITS this person needs to conquer to make

this a life-long success. You see anyone can lose weight.


The key is keeping it off LONG TERM.


Good News

Like I said the good news is… weight can actually fall off pretty darn fast.


How fast? Well take a look at Alison Copeland our

transformation of 2012.


She lost FOUR  stone in 16 weeks with us! 

Fast enough for ya?


Bad News?


The bad news is most people end up putting all the weight back on.


Not Alison (nor most of my clients at that).


She’s about to run a 1/2 marathon a year after losing the weight

and I’ve never seen her leaner.



Well I like to think they listen to uncle Matt and the message has sunk in.

They’ve understood these changes are for the long-term.

The answer’s kinda in the name – (The Fit4Life Project).


The “Fit4 3 months & then go back to my old ways Project” just ain’t

got the same sex appeal has it!?


Ya see I just wanted to tell you how it is. Keep it real as the cool kids say.


I also wanted to share with you part two of Emma Wynne’s story who is just starting out

in her quest for better health. Before I do that I just wanna let you know about this

Sexy in 7 – The FREE Back2School Coaching Program to get your Head

Back Into Gear



Emma Wynne – Part Two…

In this latest post Emma bare’s all & reveals her ups and down

with full transparency.

So I completed the two week detox, not

100% compliance but Iemma

impressed myself with having absolutely no alcohol or caffeine

and changing my diet drastically.  I drank more water than I

have in a long time and  stopped all snacking and comfort eating. 

So on Monday morning I was booked in for my review with Matt

and was secretly quite excited as surely there would be some good

results.  I had sneakily weighed myself at home and had lost

5lbs so was looking forward to seeing this written in my book.


It started well, having lost 3 cm of my waist and 2 cm off my

hips – lots of smiles. But then, I stood on the scales and we

did the body fat analysis and the smiles disappeared. 

My body fat % had gone up and I had not lost any weight –

in fact I had but on about 3lbs. to say I was disappointed

doesn’t even start to describe it, I was gutted and had to

really hold myself back from crying.


So, what did I do?  I am afraid to say that I reverted back to

how I have been for years, and in the style of a toddler had

a “tantrum / paddy”.  The first meeting I went to that morning

when asked did I want a coffee I said “yes please, I’d love one”

and at lunch I bought myself a cake.  BUT, guess what, neither

of these things tasted as good as I had imagined and as I ate

the last bit of the cake I realised I needed to stop.


Since then I have come round to realising that actually losing

5 cm is so much more important than what the scales say.  I also

decided to believe my scales at home as that made me happy and

spurred me on.  I then did the best test which was trying on my jeans

and my belt needed to be adjusted by 2 holes (downwards) so that

surely has to be good news.


So now as I start week 3 I am focusing on this is a new way of

living and eating, not a temporary measure.  So, I am limiting

myself to a coffee once a day but only if I fancy it which most

days I haven’t.  having salads at lunch when others have sandwiches

is actually nicer.  I even managed to have a Super Food Salad in

Pizza Express whilst others had pizza and pasta, and I genuinely

enjoyed it more and couldn’t actually finish it all!


Until next time ….



Matt Sutton

Creator of The Fit4Life Project

Director of L-PT







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