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47 Reasons to Train TODAY!

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  1. Because if you can move & breathe what possible excuse can you have?
  2. Because every time you do train you’re one step closer to your goal(s), and one step further away from every person who chooses not to train
  3. Because you know how damn hard it is to come back after a two week break!
  4. Because it’s become who you are & what you’re about.
  5. Because after a crap day at work, or a silly argument with your spouse, NOTHING relieves your stress levels like hitting the bag, lifting some iron or cranking out some burpees!
  6. Because you wouldn’t forget to brush your teeth in the morning would you? Why’s training different?
  7. Because you owe it to your abs
  8. Coz if you don’t train, you’re gonna get weaker, fatter and uglier.
  9. If you don’t, one day you’ll look in the mirror and hate yourself for stopping.
  10. Training is proven to be the BEST natural anti-depressant out ther
  11. Coz you’re one sexy mother when you train and you know it
  12. Coz you know that the only way to predict the future….is to create it
  13. Coz you’re not a wuss. You’re not gonna put it off just coz the weather is a bit cold or windy today are you?
  14. Because once its DONE you KNOW how much more productive and effective you’ll be today. Training actually saves time.
  15. You’ll feel good about yourself
  16. It kicks-ass over slothing on the sofa watching some crappy t.v show
  17. Because training programs your body to choose nutrient dense foods over processed crap.  You’ll not crave crap basically.
  18. Because effective training principles are the same as successful life principles (goal setting, planning, committing)
  19. Training sets our minds free from the information overload society we live in. Its gets us OFF facebook, OFF email, AWAY from the computer, and allows the creative side of our brains to work. (I have the most insane ideas when I train.)
  20. It beats any other kind of therapy out there
  21. Because with 168 hours in a week. Taking just 3 to train ain’t asking a lot is it?
  22. Because that feeling of guilt from NOT training is so much worse than actually doing it
  23. Coz you don’t wanna be that old person you see at the bus stop. You know the one. Weak, Frail, awful posture from years of doing nothing but watching day time T.V.
  24. Because you know how much more confident training makes you.
  25. Because you just LOVE to rock those skinny jeans
  26. Training is proven to improve sleep. You like sleep right?
  27. You’ll have more energy…ALL the time
  28. You’ll be a lot more use in an emergency!
  29. You’ll age better. Waaaay better. Trust me on this one. I’ve spent 13 years in gyms. The difference is startling.
  30. You’ll have more sex, better sex and most likely with better looking people
  31. You are the creator of your destiny & training is one of the best ways to sculpt the body you desire.
  32. Coz even though it hurts, it hurts WAY more to be fat and feel like crap all the time.
  33. Coz its social and you get to meet some pretty awesome people. This is the BEST part of my job BTW. I have some kick-ass clients!
  34. Cuz it’s much more fun than the bloddy x-trainer or treadmill. The treadmill sucks. In fact I’m not even a huge fan of the gym. Try out www.fit4lifeproject.co.uk we train outdoors in the fresh air. We don’t need treadmills, we have a better piece of kit. Your own bodyweight!
  35. Because it’s Legs day, that’s why.
  36. Because you know when you stop training, those toned bits go saggy
  37. Because not having the confidence to wear your fav bikini or swim trunks is RUBBISH
  38. Because right now their are millions of people out there who do not have the physical capability to train.. You owe it to those that can’t, to give it all you f**king got today. I missed training like hell when I had Cancer.
  39. Because you can. Re-read 38 its a BIGGIE.
  40. Because no child wants fat parents. They won’t admit it. But its true.
  41. Because what better investment can you make on your body today?
  42. Because in my experience there is a HUGE link between wealth & health. Get healthier be wealthier & vice-versa.
  43. Because press-ups are just awesome right? My fav move
  44. Because even though you say you hate burpees, deep down you know how much easier they are than when you first started. You’re proud of that.
  45. Coz every time you miss a workout someone else just like you, same gender, same age is getting sexier than you. You don’t want that.
  46. Because Uncle Matt told you to
  47. Because Steve Coleman said,”Its good for you”.

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