The Triple A Club


If their’s one thing I’ve been REALLY crap at over the past few years…


….its sharing and acknowledging the awesomeness of our members and their results.


Truth is I can’t keep up with them all! BUT I wanna try.


So as of TODAY I’m making a commitment to you & myself, to introduce a brand new feature to this blog.



…..The “Triple A Club”….


> Acknowledging

> Abnormal

> Awesomeness



As you know I’m on a mission to build what I describe as my “Abnormal tribe”.



Because its clear that conforming to whats NORMAL in our current society SUCKS!

Obesity, disease & living a life


The Triple A Club will be a great starting point to start recognising some of the top achievements from our members of  L-PT.


….and YES they’ll be rewared for their hard work too!


Its gonna be hard but I’m gonna try & narrow it down to just three members each month.


Here we go…


Septembers Triple A’s

1. Alison Copeland for halving not just her body but herali&melb

1/2 marathon time! 


Last month Alison ran the great North run in 1.54.


The last time she ran this same run she was over the 4 hour mark!




However that was BEFORE she joined the Fit4Life Project and dropped

more than 4 stone & more than 25 inches of her body.


This really is an incredible achievement, well done Alison, I know you’ve

inspired a LOT of people. Keep doing it…





2. Debbie Murray, for taking it upon herself to 

complete the 30 day burpee challenge and finish with

100 burpees non-stop!!!


When Debbie first started with us she’ll be the first

to admit she found training TOUGH!


But she did what any Triple A person

does…she persevered.


One of the exercises she struggled with the

most was the dreaded BURPEE. She struggled to do

even one!


So when she said she was going to try the 30 day burpee


last month I most certainly took notice.


She Did It!

Debbie completed the challenge that consisted of hundreds of burpees

over the course of the month & finishing on the last day with

of 100 burpees straight!


Not only that but she completed the whole thing in just over 10 minutes.


For a lady that struggled to do one rep 5 months ago I think

you’ll agree that deserves Triple-A Membership!


3. Chloe Walker for completing her first ever 10k racechloe

in just 2 hours!


Chloe had never ran a 10k before in her life….so when

I heard she ran the Great North in 2 hours I was over the moon for her, a fantastic first 10k time.


It wasn’t a massive surprise though as Chloe has been

training hard with the Fit4Life Project for some time now.


Added to this she had a great training partner in Alison Copeland.


Just goes to show the importance of a training buddy!


Well done to all three girls!

The Reward – £210-00 worth of

Personal Training vouchers at our



Trophy illustration

And to reward your efforts I am awarding you each £70-00 worth

of personal training vouchers (each) to be used at the new L-PT Strength,

Conditioning & Performance studio opening next month.


Well done ladies. Once the studio is open you’ll be notified!!!!


I really hope these girls have inspired others to go that extra mile!


Here’s to next months Triple A’s.


Your in Health, Matt Sutton.


PS. If YOU want to join my abnormal tribe and join the New Normal

why not —-> START HERE




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