What I’ve Learnt From Being Knee Deep In Nappies


Its been just over a month now since my

beautiful baby girl came into the world &

boy its been a busy time!

Everyone warned me it’d be tough…you doods weren’t lying!


“It’s All Worth It”


But hey, even being knee deep in nappies,

surviving the long days back at work with a few hours sleeps,

…boy is it worth it!

(that first smile is just immense)


They say kids change you. I never used to know what

that meant….now I do!


Your WHY changes…


& mine has never been stronger.


Infact I feel more passionate than ever

about enhancing peoples lives through my programs

 —–> This is the BEST Place to START

It also makes more sense to me now more than ever

as to why some people go their whole lives trying


diet after diet,

fitness fad after fitness fad

…without ever seeing any real results.


—-[Truth is, for 90% of people,

their why just isn’t strong enough]—-


I believe a strong WHY





Quite simply if you’re not getting the result you want right

now in your life,

you need to dig deep


Find a far more POWERFUL reason to make the

changes that you know are needed


How do you do this?

Simple: Peel the onion of your inner-self

Whether your goal is to lose weight,

get fitter, change your job, finish a relationship

or to just take action on ANYTHING holding you back

…dig deep.


Ask yourself why this action is important and how

it will enhance your life


Initially the pain of the change will be hard of course

BUT trust me when I tell you the long-term pleasure will be

100 x stronger than that initial pain of change


Why, why, why

 This may all sound a little airy fairy advice but here’s

the thing


If you are overweight its very easy to be in a denial

state of mind.

All you gotta do is wear some baggy clothing & your sorted right?

Suddenly the problem disappears? But it doesn’t really does it?

People do the same in bad relationships

OR stay in jobs that they hate,


The common theme here is its just easier…


…to just stay in that bad relationship

…. its easier stay over-weight

…its easier to stay in that shitty job than actually do something

about it


But does it deal with the misery of the problem? Course not

And thats the whole reason for this post


Taking the easy option is also a REALLY bad habit.


It means that you start getting lazy in other areas of your life too

So why not start making some changes TODAY

Start peeling the onion,

Ask yourself what it is you really want,


Start making positive changes & guess

what… soon enough these positive changed will just

become a healthy habit,


Eventually this success mindset makes everyday problems &

frustrations far far easier to deal with & over-come


Have a great day,


Matt (Knee Deep in Nappies) Sutton


PS. if you’re ready to start making a change in your

life with a proven health/fitness & weight loss system

I’d like to invite you along for a FREE 7 DAY trial next week

at one of my fitcamps. Normal price tag on this is £30-00.


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