The Grizzly Bear of Weight loss Strategies


So you’ve downloaded my –> Xmas Survival guide right?


Over the coming weeks I’m going to help make the strategies

inside this guide work for you


I’d like to start helping you today actually with my favourite strategy


A strategy I rarely see people ever use


It’s also a strategy I rarely see fail (when implemented)


WARNING! No Exercise or Nutrition Tips Here

You may be surprised that the strategy I’ve picked

actually has NOTHING to do with exercise or nutrition


 The Strategy?…GOING PUBLIC

Going public is a an accountability tool you rarely EVER

see people use



..It’s SCARY..



But here’s one thing I’ve learnt about success (be it in any form)


the actions/decisions we make in life, (in most cases)



You Don’t Have To Believe It 

Arguably one of the greatest sportsmen in history..Muhammad Ali

used this strategy all the time in the run up to a fight!

(worked pretty well for him)


Heck, he didn’t just tell a few

people about his goal though…he told the whole world!

That takes serious balls!

More importantly though I reck it had a huge

bearing on his success.


The question is, Did he really believe he would beat every person he fought?

Close-up of a pair of boxing gloves


I doubt it…

But I do believe that by constantly telling everyone

he would win, he started to convince himself he would!


Now imagine if you could convince yourself you:

– Could finally lose that last two stone in weight

– Kick a habit like drinking too often or smoking.

– Will finally achieve that fitness goal that you’ve been striving for, for what

feel like years now


Worth giving it an Ali shot no?


How To Go Public

Well if you’ve got the balls & wanna give it a try

here’s the 3 step formula you’ve been waiting for…

Step 1—> The first thing to do is set

what I call a BIG HAIRY Grizzly Bear 

of a Goal 

Grizzly Bear jumping at fishAnd I’m not talking about losing 1-2 stone in weight.

 Nah that kinda goal setting sucks.

It needs to be the kinda goal that sends

shivers down your spine when you think about it

 The Right Kinda Motivation

It must, must, must be a goal that you have an intrinsic

motivation for, (motivation is split into two categories)

Extrinsic Motivation = The goal is to win a prize/trophy etc

Intrinsic Motivation = A goal that gives you deep rooted satisfaction,

something that can not be linked to a monetary value


 Step 2. —-> Go Public

That’s right, tell people what you’re going to do. Tell friends, family

maybe even post it on social media if you have the balls of Ali!

Write down your Grizzly Bear & pin it on the fridge,

Set due dates and mile stones,

Above all….DO THE WORK!


Step 3. —-> Get planning

Achieving a Grizzly Bear of a goal is no mean feat!

Like Ali, you gotta put in the work


I suggest you grab a pen n paper

…sit down & brainstorm a MASTERPLAN


..and if you don’t have all the answers, ask yourself who does?


This will probably surprise you but…

Your Grizzly bear doesn’t have to have anything to do with 

exercise or food

 Infact if you’re struggling with:

  • Lack of sleep
  • High stress levels
  • Personal/Family/Relationship problems
  • Work/money issues
  • Never having any time

…then increasing exercise OR restricting food intake is only going to

ADD to the threat/stress on your body




 For Example: If you’re highly stressed your bodies digestive system

will start shutting down anyway


Anything you eat, regardless of how healthy it is,

will not be absorbed or digested properly


Feel free to share your BIG GRIZZLY BEAR below in the comments box below


PS. If you’re BIG HAIRY GRIZZLY BEAR includes

achieving a specific fitness goal & you need some motivation

then this post is PERFECT for you —> 47 Reason to Train Today


PPS. If you still haven’t downloaded it –> Xmas Survival guide


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