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Important Post Today: How to Avoid Becoming a

Social Calender Fatty


I know this time of year is super tough for many people,


I’m pretty sure you don’t wish to wake up a stone

heavier than you already are on New Years day?


Problem is your bombarded right!..?

Your offic looks like Charlies chocolate factory

Chocolates shop

You’ve started telling yourself its Xmas day already

& so mid-week drinking is acceptable,

(particularly Baileys hmmmmmmm)


The nights are colder and so hitting the gym is LAST on the agenda



Theirs something else that for the clients that work with me

find harder than anything else..


….Surviving the Christmas SOCIAL CALENDER!


“How can you possibly avoid getting fatter?

…When you have an endless amount of xmas parties

& meet ups to attend?”


Thats the question my coaching clients have been asking me.


Today in this video I’m going to reveal some of the strategies

I’m using with them, to help them avoid becoming a Social Fatty!

Plug & play this simple strategy TODAY…

and you’ll wake up on January the 1st a much happier person!



PS. If you need MORE ideas to avoiding piling on the weight this Xmas

here is the FULL BLUEPRINT—> The Xmas Damage Limitation Guide – How to avoid weight gain this Xmas <—– click here for a tonne of strategies


Keep an eye out for challenge No.2!


Who’s looking at for ya!




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Director of Lifestyle Personal Training Ltd

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