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Did you watch I’m a celeb this year?
Its pretty sad but I was addicted!
I find it fascinating but probably in a different way to most people.
Anyway today I’m gonna reveal the REAL secret to
their unbelievable weight loss
And no I won’t bore you with talk on real food or calorie restriction,
coz quite frankly I bore
myself with that stuff!
BTW – If you’ve never watched the show…(where u been?)
the deal is a heap of celebs live in the jungle.
…their challenge is to stay in as long as
possible… whilst coping with all the horrid
things that jungle life provides.
Possibly the hardest being..a MASSIVE
restriction in food
—-[This year I believe they lost something like
15 stone between the 12 of them in just 2 weeks!]—-
What I found MOST interesting though in regards
to food was their relationship with it.
A COMPLETELY different relationship to the 
average person:
– Far more intimate
– Savouring & enjoying EVERY mouthful.
– Eating SLOWLY & allowing their body to digest
– Actually looking forward to the next meal
– Thankfulness
Seriously, how far away are we
as a society from this kinda ^^ relationship
– We expect it
– We throw it down with no worry about where the next
meal is coming from
But whats the answer? Go live in the jungle of course haha

Nah the answer lies in Festive Challenge No.2 – Mindful Eating

What is Mindful Eating?
Mindful Eating or Meditative Eating means
giving your FULL attention to your experience
of food.
No TV, reading, driving, talking, or walking
down the street whilst eating
Mindful eating is a reward in itself because
for those few minutes you’re living your life
It can also provide you with important
information about which foods make you feel:
– Energetic
– Happy
– Focused
which foods make you feel…
tired, anxious,
depressed or uncomfortable.
People eat for many reasons.
Though most animals eat when they’re hungry
and stop when they’re full,
human beings
often eat to fulfill emotional needs and tend
not to stop when their physical hunger is
This exercise involves eating slowly and
It will help you become fully aware of:
– how
– why
and what you’re choosing to eat
and of what food actually smells and tastes
This knowledge about yourself, along with an
understanding of some basic nutritional
principles, gives you the tools to make food
central to nourishing yourself and your family with
satisfying meals.
Practicing meditative eating may change what
and how you eat.
For example, you may find that your taste
buds change and that you develop a new
appreciation of healthful foods.
You may find that junk food actually doesn’t
taste that good and that chemicals just can’t
compare with nature.
You may find yourself feeling satisfied with
smaller portions at meals because you notice
when you feel full and stop eating.
You may find that you crave a big bowl of
vegetables sautéed in olive oil and garlic
rather than a plate full of French Fries.
Most of us eat automatically or mechanically.
Now, we are going to experiment with eating
paying full attention in a non-judgmental,
open way,
and staying in the
present moment as much as possible.
Try this Mindful Eating Practice
Take a grape and pretend that you
are seeing and sensing this object of food
for the very first time.
What does it look
What shape is it?
What colors?
How does it reflect light?
Investigate how it feels more closely.
What is its temperature?
Its surface texture?
Its density?
Perhaps you might bring this grape up close to your
Do you smell anything?
Are you salivating?
How do you feel about putting
this grape into your body right now?
How does your body feel anticipating eating in
this moment?
Now we are going to receive this
grape into our bodies.  If you’re
comfortable, I invite you to sit back and
close your eyes.
Gently and slowly be aware
of your arm moving to your mouth.
Notice how the grape is taken into the mouth.
Experience the grape in your mouth before
Now chew slowly and focus your
full attention on the grape’s taste and
What sensations are you
experiencing in your mouth?
Be aware of any desire you have to rush through
this grape so that you can have another.
Be aware of the
intention to swallow before you actually
Notice how far into your body you
can still feel the grape. Knowing that your
body is now exactly one grape heavier…gently
and slowly open your eyes and bring your
attention back to normal.
Festive Weight Management Summary:
Eat real food:  food that has
to be refrigerated and that you have to
Eat more whole plants foods:  fresh
fruits & veggies, whole grains like brown
rice, nuts, and seeds.
Eat a rainbow diet:
choose a wide variety of fruits & veggies of

different colors.

Avoid processed foods which

contain unhealthy additives. Notice when you
are full. Be aware of how food makes you feel
physically and emotionally.

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