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Today was OFFICIALLY my last day of coaching,
Was epic as usual ūüôā
This morning was fit party (AKA Fit Test)
ALL members agree it’s our toughest Fit Test out¬†
of them all.
It’s called the 300 workout!¬†
—[You can try it yourself if you’re game!]—
Perform 25 x 
– Press-ups
– frog squats
– Reverse lunges left leg
– Reverse Lunges
right leg
– Press ups,
– Frog squats
(Thats ^^ just the first half!)
Second half we crank it up with 50 x
– Renegade Rows
– Squat Salutes
And….last but not least 50 Burpees!!!
Is it hard?
Hell yeah! 
It’s one of the¬†many¬†reasons we get such insane results.
Results unlike any other weight loss program I know of.
Results like our two 2013 transformation of
the year winners Kris & Trudy.
They’ve now lost a combined NINE STONE¬†in one year!
I think I have the right to say these are insane results.
They must be a one off though surely?
Nope…2012 winner Alison Copeland also shredded 5 stone in
less than a year.
—-[Diets SUCK]—-
And here’s the best bit dood…they’re¬†NOT¬†on a diet
They follow my guidelines & meal plans.
Thats it.
No calorie counting, points counting or meal replacement
See, when eating the right foods & training the right way,
these healthy habits just become a way of life.
Weight loss becomes no longer a chore.
I’d even go as far as saying this couple are just as likely
to forget to brush their teeth in the morning than miss
a training session LOL!
(thats what you call a healthy habit!)
Listen up,
If¬†you’re not training with me right now
but  have aspirations to transform your body like 
Kris & Trudy in 2014 
Here are two ways to at least get you started:
1. Follow my dummies guide tips below 
2. Join me & my crew in 2014!
For a limited time you can save £20 if you 
grab an early bird slot on my first experience 
week of 2014
Jump on —>¬†HERE¬†(JUST ¬£10-00 if you act quick)
Dummies Guide to Avoiding the 
Holiday Bulge (Part One)
1. Start your day strong and healthy Рnot
with garbage cereal or a sugar filled coffee
2. Curb your appetite. 
Drink a glass of water
before every meal. It will help you fill up
faster and help you eat less.
3. Slow down. 
Remember yesterdays email?
Eat slower and taste your food.
It takes around 20 minutes for your brain to
recognize how much is in your stomach. It is
a good idea to take a break after you eat to
lessen the temptation to go for another
4. Stay active. 
Exercise with your family and
go for a walk or jog outside! (BTW If your a 
client of mine you should have already received your
festive fitness/nutrition regime). Hit me up
if not.
5. Keep a food diary. 
I wouldn’t normally
advise this at Xmas 
If Xmas is a BAD time for you nutritionally,
keeping a food diary  will make a HUGE
Tracking everything you put into your body 
will help to point out your weaknesses. 
6. Choose to eat clean 80-90% of the time.
Eat more protein, vegetables and fruit and
healthy fats like nuts and seeds. A handful
of almonds or a freshly sliced apple is a
great snack to curb your hunger!
7. Don’t go anywhere hungry.¬†Try to arrive at
any social parties having already eaten
something healthy. That way you won’t be too
prone to digging into high-calorie party
8. Maintain portion Control. Pay attention to
how much you put on your plate. Use smaller
plates. Moderation is one of the most
important elements in weight control –
especially at holiday parties!
9. Drink more WATER than Alcohol. 
No way am I going to tell you not too drink
this Xmas BUT try drinking more water than 
alcohol overall & I guarantee your waistline 
will thank you
10. Don’t eat things if you don’t like them!
I don’t know about you but often this time of
year we end up eating just for the sake of it?
I used to do it myself but am more aware of it
these days. If your bored find something to do
than won’t make those new year goals harder!
Have a great day dudes ūüôā

PS. If you want to learn how to lose weight without dieting

make sure you don’t miss out on our –>¬†Early bird trial week
PPS. Keep those FEEDBACK FORMS coming in dudes.
The feedback so far has been immense & is giving me lots
of content to help you all in 2014.
How Can I help You Form¬†<—– Please let me know

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