Is Your Body Under Attack?

TODAYS POST: If you’ve tried tonnes of different diets before that never seem to work you should definitely read this

Todays post was inspired by the spa day that I’ve just got home from.

My wife and I decided NOT to buy gifts for each other, instead felt a day of indulgence would be better.

…Plus a deep tissue back massage that was well over due.


It was a great day & reminded me how important HEALTHY downtime is.

I’m not talking about the Festive downtime, when if anything, life is MORE stressful than normal
(last minute shopping, present buying etc)


I’m not even talking about summer holidays where you:

lay in the sun too long,

drink too much,

Eat too much,

& come home feeling like you need ANOTHER holiday

relaxing it may be but HEALTHY downtime it’s not


HEALTHY downtime & Weight loss

The type of downtime I’m talking about doesn’t even require much time

Surely this is just airy fairy advice Matt & has no bearing on helping me lose weight & get fitter???


Busy lives = stressors = stressors put you body under threat

(threats on the systems of our bodies)

Now what do we know about threats? Think about the war scenario.

We either fight back or go on the defense. (stick with me here..)


This is EXACTLY what your body does. It goes on the defense & starts shutting

systems down to avoid the onslaught of attack.


Instead of bombs hitting you though… its bills your struggling to pay

Instead of being shot at… its an argument with your boss at work


In a nutshell: The systems in your body stop working properly

First to go will probably be your digestive system

Compromise your digestive system & your body stops breaking down foods 

Your absorption rate lowers as a result


And sticking with the war analogy this food becomes a prisoner in your body

All it can do is rot inside you. (nice eh?)


Rotting food then creates the onslaught & build up of Inflammation in the body


….IBS, bloating tummy & other digestive disorders occur (sound familiar?)

– You start to feel lethargic,

– Have the odd mood swing

– Energy levels drop

– And what happens??? …You start to gain weight

Your Reaction?

Your knee jerk reaction is to diet & exercise …adding only more stress to your body

Chances are your diet & exercise were not even that bad in the first place!

….But with systems shutting down,

…Hormones crashing like waves

It’s no wonder your struggling to lose weight

The Science

Your brain is working in reptile mode (caveman mode)

Due to the constant barrage of threats in your busy life, the human part of your brain has shut down

Your only responses are fight, flight or freeze

This ^^^ cycle repeats its self over & over again & you fall into a deeper rut


And why?

All because you’ve spent all your time trying to make everyone else happy.

…Your boss

…Your kids

…Your spouse

…Your friends etc etc

Of course this is because you’re a good person…but should it be at the expense of your own health & happiness?

That’s for you to decide.

Maybe it’s time to make yourself happy?

I suggest you make it one of your goals for 2014

to take some time out for YOURSELF.

Indulge even.

I’m giving you permission right now.

BTW This isn’t being selfish.

If anything the recovery of having HEALTHY downtime will give you the energy to be the best person you can to all the people in your life that are important

—-[Ideas for HEALTHY downtime]—-

– Spend QUALITY time with family (without the T.V on or mobile phones going off!)
– Book yourself in for a massage
– Learn some meditation techniques & plugin at set intervals in the week
– Practice diaphragmatic breathing (breathing from the Diaphragm) with some relaxing music
– Go somewhere quiet & read some of that book you bought months ago
– If you really need it do what I did today & book a spa day!
– Yes exercise is actually a great de-stesser


Say NO more often.

Be a little selfish with your time.

The result will be a happier, healthier you which only help everything else going on in your life. <=== This last one is mine. Since my wife gave birth to our baby girl the luxury of time has suddenly disapeared. I know in 2014 I’ll have to say NO when it will be really tough.


Not only will adding some of these strategies into your life help you live a healthier life

but it will also most certainly lead to a happier one too!




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