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by Matt Sutton, Founder LPT

You want a great body.

You want to FEEL confident wearing your favourite clothes.

And you’d LOVE to have the same energy levels you had when you were 18.

Am I right?

If you ticked YES to all three above I suggest you take the TRAINING VS EXERCISE TEST.

See, we all know by now how important good nutrition is to getting in great shape. But I feeling their isn’t anywhere near enough information educating people on the benefits of correct physical activity.

 ——-[Exercising Vs Training]——- 

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Woman exercising on weightlifting machine

So, are you exercising? Or are you training? Maybe you’re not sure?

All too often people confuse the two. Truth is they couldn’t be more different.

Exercise is a means to burning fuel.

Training is a means to taking your body on a journey from where you are now to where you want to be.

Can you see the difference?

Exercise = Burning fuel.

Training = Get to an end result.

Analogy time…

Exercise is the equivalent of driving your car for the sole purpose of emptying the fuel tank.

Have you ever done that? I doubt it. But thats how most people go about getting fit.

It’s something I see people doing EVERYDAY.

Are You Hitting Traffic with your desires?

Training on the other hand is ALL about the destination. Its the equivalent of getting in your car & knowing the best directions to reach your destination as quick as possible. (Without hitting traffic!)

FACT==> 90% of gym members are in a traffic jam with there exercise regime.

They are STUCK! Pounding the treadmill after after hour or hitting the spin classes, Zumba classes & trying REALLY hard to burn fat but getting NO WHERE. Many of them end up quitting altogether as a result.

Where to start?


So you want to know which camp you sit in.

The exercise camp


The training camp

Take the Exercise Vs Training Test

You’re an exerciser if…

  • Every workout feels like a chore & you feel like skipping ANOTHER session
  • You attend random fitness classes at adhoc times of day. Some weeks you do 3-5 sessions in one week & then others only one!
  • You work at varing levels of intensity & never make any record of your progress.
  • You kid yourself into thinking that because you did an “exercise session” you deserve a bar of chocolate
  • You think doing 2-3 classes back to back is good for you (reality the body stopped burning body fat after the first hour & you may even be losing muscle)
  • You only judge success by how many calories you burn on machines like the X trainer & bike.
  • You love cardio & rarely do much else
  • OR you tell yourself you love cardio coz its easy to do & the real truth is all those other exercises are too complicated or you haven’t had an expert show you how to do them with good form

The Result…..

Fox in the wheel

Your training if…

– You have a SPECIFIC end goal in mind, with a specific time frame to achieve it by.

– Your diet & fitness program are geared up to working towards this ^^^ specific goal.

– Your training involves lots of functional movements like squats, lunges, pressing moves like core exercises & some recovery/tissue repair work.

(these moves make life easier)

Personal trainer in action

– People who train are so in tuned with the end goal they spend time visualising it daily. I go as far as getting my clients to imagine how it will feel when they achieve it.

– Your training if you have set days you train on. NOTHING will get in your way of your session. INFACT you’re just as likely to forget to brush your teeth as you are to forget to train.

– You measure your results at regular intervals via –  fitness testing, measurements, pictures etc.

– You use feedback from your training. Whilst most people “exercise” regardless of what happens during a session, people who train will adjust training according to the result.

– Last but not least it goes with out saying, people who train get awesome results.


Choose to NOT just exercise each day but teach your muscles to work the way they were meant to.

Follow a structure program that improves your bodies ability to move, increase lung capacity, strength and over-all health AND to work toward an end goal RATHER than just burning fuel for the sake of it.

Matt I want to start training properly but I don’t know where to start?

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Coach & Founder @LPT

Matt Sutton


PS. I’m not slating exercise. I’m all for movement.

But correct movement which is specific to YOU & YOUR GOALS will save you a heap of time, money & frustration in the long run.


Feel free to comment below & let us know..Are you exercising or training?


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