Less Exercise… DOES Get BETTER Results


Good News Less DOES Equal More
You’re gonna love todays post…I share why doing LESS exercise will actually get you BETTER results!
If you’re fed up slogging your guts away in the gym you should defo read this.
Training Mistake – Training for too long
(I class anything over 1 hour as too long for optimal fat loss)
Training for long periods is a VERY common mistake. It’s particularly common to see this in gym classes where people do back to back classes sometimes for as long as 3-4 hours!
So why is this a mistake?
Well it goes back to yesterdays post on the specificity of your goal.
So if your training for an endurance event like a Triathlon, Tough Mudder or Rat Race then this method of training ain’t so bad…coz it’s specific to the end goal.
However mud run training is not what this blog is about!
I want you to have the BEST info for burning body fat & quite frankly I hate seeing people waste their time slogging their guts away for hour on end for nothing.
The truth is, the metabolic & hormonal changes that occur as a result of long duration training, make fat loss very difficult to sustain LONG-TERM. Your body will start shutting down vital systems when training for long periods…systems that are vita to the fat burning process.
Sure you burn more calories DURING the sessions but people rarely ask the MOST important question of all,”What impact will this session have on my body after training?”
Post workout is where the results are at when it comes to fat loss. Too many people concentrate on how many calories they burn DURING training. Trust that should not be your main concern.
The other issue with training for long durations is the type of fuels that the body will start using to sustain the activity. People doing 2-3 hour stints are opening themselves up to losing hard earned muscle in return for some fuel.
The Truth About Cardio 
The metabolic affect of cardio long-term is no comparison to the affect that bodyweight/free weight training has on the body.
A lot of people just can’t get their heads around it though.
They can’t grasp  how can doing LESS exercise equal BETTER results.
To answer that question I’ll finish today with the proof that LESS is MORE

10 stone transformation… from 3 x 30 minutes sessions?????

 Each year I giveaway a transformation of the year award.
The two winners in the last two years have both lost roughly FIVE stone EACH!
Maybe not but you might be when I tell you that
their training consisted of only 30 minutes of
high intensity 3 x p/week!
Yup 90 minutes p/week. I know a lot of people who would do DOUBLE this in one day and never lose a pound.
Last thought…
It really is the type & quality of training that counts…NOT the duration.
Now go do that short, intense workout & get shedding fat TODAY!
Have a great day,
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