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One of the most underrated characteristics of getting great results from your training is

newborn baby sleeps

Getting decent recovery in your life is almost as important as training itself!

People forget that the REAL results from training only occur post workout when your body
starts rebuilding itself to become stronger, leaner & more toned!

Getting a good night’s sleep is a great start in terms of getting adequate recovery.

Not only will you feel refreshed, energized, and ready to attack each day, but it will
also enhance your results from training as well.

Sleep (or lack of it!) has definately become an issue in my own life since my baby girl
was born three months ago! (oh man if you have kids you know!)

So I’ve had to adapt my lifestyle slightly so that my health, business & leisure time do
not suffer.

My solution?

Well it really isn’t rocket science...I watch a little less T.V than I used to & go bed earlier.

It’s as simple as that.

And usually the changes we need to make to improve our lives are this simple.

Thing is simple never equals easy & it’s ALWAYS easier to stay as you are.

Start making those simple changes today & you’ll soon notice the difference.


Two other great sources of recovery I’m practicing are:

– Diaphragmatic breathing...basically taking even as little as a few minutes a day practicing slow deep breathing. All too often we take things like oxygenating the body for

In times of stress this ^^ is invaluable

– Regular Breaks...something thats working well for me is taking regular breaks. This is obviously
a lot easier if you work for yourself but working like your intervals training in the gym
is amazing for productivity & yes I even use a timer! I’m currently trying out 25 minutes
on 5 minutes off.

(I use the POMODORO APP)

Just taking these small 5 minute breaks allows me to quickly re-charge my batteries so
that when I am working I’m fully focused & get a heap of work done.

My next mission is to try out meditation. I tried it properly for the first time before

I used to think it was a bit airy fairy but the more I learn I about the benefits of
recovery on our bodies the more I realise how much better our lives can be as a results of
taking time out of ths busy world we live in

If you have methods of recovering that are working for you, feel free to share in the comments section below …






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