Do Gym Classes Suck for Losing Weight?


People love gym classes. Spinning, BodyPump, Circuits, Boxercise, Zumba.

I used to teach most of these (NOT ZUMBA THOUGH!)

Question is, do they actually work.

When I say work I mean do they get you the results like weight loss that most people are looking for when they first sign up.

OR do they just plain suck & should you quit gym classes today to save yourself a lot of time money & frustration over never seeing the results you really desire?

That’s question I’m answering in todays post.

It really depends on what your ROI is. What is the return on investment that you desire?

Is it fun? Is it to meet new people & make new friends?

Is it to get sweaty and risk injury?

If its any of the above then I’ll be the first person to recommend gym classes to you.


If on the other hand you desire  a SPECIFIC RESULT, like dropping a stone in weight, improving muscle definition or running a 10k race

…I wouldn’t recommend gym classes at all.

Their are far better, safer & QUICKER means to achieving goals like these.

Don’t get me wrong I love some of those classes.

But the truth about gym classes is they are essentially


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Three Reason Gym Classes Suck for Results:

Zero Accountability – Most gym classes allow members to attend WHENEVER they like This means zero accountability. People talk a lot about yo-yo dieting but I believe Yo-yo
exercising is as much to blame for the lack of results people obtain.

No Progression – One of my biggest frustrations as a trainer when I was teaching classes
was the inability to give the fitter clients the progression they needed. Due to the gymbox
model of allowing members into classes at any point I always had to keep training
fairly basic.

When I started really studying training it became apparent I wasn’t serving people very well by teaching classes. I found this kinda hard at first as I really enjoyed teaching. Then it hit me. Its not about me! Its about the people I’m training!

The only way forward was to adopt a coaching approach which has since helped me transform the bodies & lives of hundreds of people.

No Nutrition Plan – I’ve still not yet seen a single gym class offer nutritional guidance to
exercisers. I can’t put this any simpler than this…YOU CANNOT OUT-TRAIN A BAD DIET.

If your trying to lose weight but are not following a nutrition plan that compliments your training efforts you WILL struggle to get the results you desire.


—[My Answer]—
As I mentioned, these are among some of the many reasons I quit teaching classes some time ago.
They’re also the things that gave me the passion to create a program far more valuable. A program that can actually GUARANTEE a result. How often does your gym offer you a money back guarantee on your weight loss results?

Cancel your gym class & try us out ==>

Changing Lives
Since its launch we’ve changed many lives which has resulted into
national press features & radio coverage.
It’s my vision that result based programs like the Fit4Life Project
are the future in fitness.
People are starting to get fed up not seeing results.
They want solutions.
The Fit4Life Project is a proven solution which is why we even
offer a money back guarantee.
Every 5 weeks we run a trial week for newbies to just give us a go.
It’s normally £30-00 but …
If you enjoy your gym classes & they make you feel good then I say
crack on. Even if you’re not getting the weight loss results you want
enjoyment is very important to your health.
However if you’re sick & tired of feeling sick & tired, maybe its time
to get the results you’ve been working so hard for.

Cancel your gym class & try us out ==>


Have a great day 🙂


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