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….A headline news story on nutrition & health that isn’t purely based on shock tactics to purely sell more papers!I rarely watch the news for this ^^^ reason.

Most health stories are based on floored studies.

Media lap them up coz this stuff sells.

Today however it’s refreshing to hear news on a story that has been a long time coming.
If you’ve not seen it yet, the big news of the day comes from results of a 12 year study
following the eating habits of 65,000 people. The study reveals what I’ve been telling my clients for years.
….the 5-a-day guidelines on fruit & veg are B.S 
Not only should we be aiming at doubling the original 5-a-day guidelines but we should also be aiming to get at least three quarters from vegetables.
matt eats cabbage
And NO…I’m afraid this isn’t an April fools joke, for all those of you that cringe
 at the thought of eating more veggies
 This shizzle is SERIOUS dude. It’s literally life or death.
Infact the experts have revealed simply increasing your intake to at least 7 portions p/day will help avoid your risk of Cancer & reduce your chances of premature death by up
to 42%! YES..42%!!!!!!

Is reducing your chance of premature death by up to 42% worth a few more sprogs of broccoli? Hmmmm tough one that? For many people I truly believe the answer will still be no. Just like smokers know the risks of smoking yet carry on, people will still eat junk food.

And that’s fine, we make our own choices in life.
However it’s important we are all aware that we DO have a choice.
Their is no reason for us to be ill or endure sickness.
Their is no reason to be overweight or lack energy.
Their is no reason to allow our health to make life miserable.
…..You CAN choose to be
happier, healthier & live longer.
The Importance of Veg over Fruit…
The research also revealed that vegetables were far more beneficial than fruit.
Each portion of vegetables lowered the risk of death by 16 per cent.
A piece of fruit only lowered the chance of death by 4 per cent.
This last point is important as I find so many people choosing fruit over vegetables due to
pure convenience.
I get it though.
We all have busy lives.
Cooking 5-10 portions of veg a day for many people seems impossible.
Therefore we need to be looking at ways around time constraints rather than just using it as an excuse to ignore this important issue.
Remember 42%!
– Batch cooking your veg on a sunday night is
my first recommendation. It doesn’t take long
 & makes for nice family time too (away from the T.V!)
– Store your veg in a few tupperware bowls in the fridge
& BAAM you’re ready to rock.
– Personally I also use supplementation to get
my veggies. It just makes life so much easier. And I’ll be
honest I’d struggle to match the awesome ingredients that leans
the product I use offers.
I use ==> LEAN GREENS. It’s awesome.
In just one scoop & I get my 5 a day just from veg.
Then I take my other 2 a day from fruits, mainly berries.
So it’s not impossible. Infact it’s ridiculously easy.
The subject of helping people of their vegetable intake has been high on my agenda for a while now & I’m pleased to let you know that just this week I received 100 copies of my new veggy cookbook.
This book is jam packed full of ideas to make damn sure you get your 7-10 a day.
Get on the pre-launch sale by downloading this freebie 42 Recipe Cookbook 
42 recipe
Have a great day 🙂
Matt (Eat more Greens) Sutton
PS. Without trying to state the bloody obvious but their’s also a VERY 
important by-product of eating your 7-10 a day…without a shadow of a 
PPS. Try a tub of ==> LEAN GREENS


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