Transform Fitness Retreat – The Back Story (My BIG “C” Experience)

Until now I just haven’t plucked up the courage to talk about my Cancer experience. Needless to say I’ve put off writing this post for a LONG time. Always managed to find an excuse.

Then after some thought, I realised just how selfish I was being. I figured, if people are willing to take a whole week off work, away from family & friends. Attend a program where they know no-one. The very least I could do, is share the part of my own life thats had the most profound effect on making Transform the life-changing experience its turned out to be.

So here goes..(It’s a little deep so hold tight!)

Transform Fitness Retreat Portugal

Transform: The Back Story (THE BIG “C”)

Like most stories, it started with a struggle. A BIG struggle. Aged 27, on my Mums Birthday, I was diagnosed with an aggressive Cancer. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

Everyone around me was completely shocked as I was one of those annoying super fit fitness freaks. It’s common misconception that fitness alone is like kryptonite to Cancer.

Unfortunately not. But one thing I did learn from my experience is we are all given a set of cards in life & how well we play them is the difference between living a life with purpose & fulfilment …and ..well… NOT!

Now I won’t go into the intrincities of my illness but in this post I’d like to share the valuable lessons that have shaped

…the way I live

…the way I work 

…the way I (now) approach life and

the way I seek to help others, create a life of freedom, purpose & fulfilment.

FREEDOM. PURPOSE & FULFILMENT. These are 3 values I live by.


Talking about values…

“Instant Change in Values” mattnimmy

The BIG “C” was one of the most frightening, frustrating, calming, upsetting BUT (strangely) soul searching experiences of my life.

Suddenly all the cliches your hear become realities. For instance, my values changed overnight. What I’d considered important became irrelevant.

Everything I owned (materialistic wise) became un-important. Instead, I was consumed by blue sky’s, the lush greenery of countryside, the sound of birds tweeting, the beauty of good music.

Above all…the HUGE importance of love, family & purpose.


Deep stuff right?

Not really.

It’s just way too easy to get caught up with “keeping up with the jones’s”.

“Stuff” has replaced sitting at the table for a family meal.  Talking. Playing games. Creativity AND authenticity.

Instead we choose 

…Working longer hours.

…Trying to earn more money.

…Buying all the latest gadgets.

…Having more things

…Looking over our shoulder.“What car is he driving now”?

And all that B.S.

Now this wasn’t any kind of epiphany. Depressed businessman sitting under trouble thought boxes

It just became obvious, what really mattered. And guess what.. it DIDN’T include any of the little things we normally get stressed about.

Like the traffic jams, disagreements with colleagues at work, failed MOT or tax bill. Instead..



These ^^^^^ mattered WAY more.

Now I gotta tell you. When this happens you start gaining an ENORMOUS sense of clarity.

Anyone reading this who’s been through the same experience will know what I mean.

Now I won’t lie to you. I still get caught up with “keeping up with the jones’s” stuff myself. I’m only human!

Thankfully  my BIG C experience has a way of snapping me back to reality.


Interestingly the whole experience didn’t just change me. It changed my wife too.

She worked in the corporate world of high demand, sales targets, constant pressures & DEADLINES.

HIGH STRESS was just normal. Vino was her saviour back then! Sound familiar?


“Competing In A World Of WANTS over NEEDS”

After beating Cancer, I noticed how many others people were in the same boat.

Caught up in this rat race we call life.

Competing in a world of WANTS OVER NEEDS.

It’s human nature of course to want more. But one thing Cancer taught me was just how insanely fake & mis-guided MORE was. LESS but better is something I’ve come to accept as being a far better pursuit, for health, fulfilment & happiness.

LESS but BETTER. I wrote it twice… coz it’s THAT important.


This new found clarity made me approach my work as a personal trainer HUGELY differently. Firstly I discovered that what most of us WANT is rarely what we NEED.

You see most people WANT exercise because they think its the answer to their problems.

When actually, all they NEED is to eat healthier foods.

Then they’re are others who think they SHOULD be eating healthier… when actually all they NEED to do is plan their time better ( in order to cook these healthy meals).

I also meet lots of people who think healthy eating is too expensive…when actually they just NEED to stop wasting money from other areas of life.

Lastly I must include the, “I haven’t got the time” crowd… Who actually have easily enough time.

…What they NEED is to re-align themselves with what is TRULY important to them.

The BIG C experience helped me & my wife align ourselves with our own priorities.

My wife stayed in her job role for a number of years post Cancer. Interestingly, she did it with far lower stress levels. Yep, even though her job stayed the same her approach to it changed beyond recognition.

The Power Of Perspective 10325403_834003073350525_6857366018854315826_n

One of the most IMPORTANT things I teach on Transform, is how our perspectives & beliefs shape our
emotions…and therefore our actions.

When I run my workshops, its becomes clear to our transformers pretty quickly, that their lack of results to date,

have very little to do with the exercise/diet plan they chose and EVERYTHING to do with the beliefs & perceptions they hold.

The awesome news is you  CAN CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION & BELIEFS. My wife is proof of that!

I have created a UNIQUE framework to help people do just this.

Obviously you’ll have to join us in beautiful Portugal on our next trip to go through it yourself BUT you can start the process today with just a couple of simple questions:

Ask yourself, which parts of your own life are pulling you down from your ideal self?

What stresses are serving you ZERO value in moving forward?

When we’re so busy juggling 10 balls at once, its no wonder our decision making suffers. We can be so hard on ourselves even if we drop just one ball. Whether its not hitting your end of quarter sales or dropping the ball on your diet.

The Thing is NEVER The Thing

I’ve mentioned this already. But in case you didn’t pick it up, I have one last KEY take-away for you.

The thing is NEVER the thing.

Like most Personal Trainers (Pre-Cancer), I’d fallen into the trap of always giving people what they wanted (exercise)…When in fact what they NEEDED was something COMPLETELY different.

My last 18 months work on the neuroscience of change has been a revelation in understanding EXACTLY how to find the root cause of a persons barriers to success.

A Strategy For Implementation

Discovering why we do the things we do fascinates me.

Why do we eat naughty foods when we know damn well they’ll just make us fatter!

Why we stay in jobs we hate?

Why we stay in relationships that make us unhappy?

Why we follow the same exercise plan even though our body shape never changes?

I created Transform because I could see a need for this information. You don’t need more recipes. You can go to google & find 10 million.

You don’t need more exercise’s. Go to YOUTUBE & you’ll be hit with even more.

What people REALLY need is a clear strategy for implementation.


I Created Transform to Give People the Opportunity to Work these Complexities Out & Create the Perfect Strategy for LONG-TERM Success


I’m not suggesting you’ll leave Portugal a Transformed person. I can however, guarantee you’ll leave with the CLARITY, CONFIDENCE & CAPABILITY to do so in the not so distant future.

Getting to do it in the company of other positive people in our 5 star resort is just a bonus!

If you got this far, thank you.

My ONE goal in writing this post, is for people to understand why Transform ISN’T just another bootcamp/retreat abroad.

Instead, its a program I regard as my legacy. Everyday I’m thankful for being alive. Everyday I’m thankful to be able to pursue my mission of helping others like YOU also, live a life of FREEDOM…ABUNDANCE… & FULFILMENT.

YES we provide personal training on transform.

YES you get all your meals cooked.

YES you get massage treatments.

(BUT you can get these at most fitness holidays).

The REAL value on Transform, is in the Personalised-Success-BLUEPRINT you leave with to continue your healthy journey long-term so you no longer need to agonise over restrictive eating or wasting hours in the gym with un-effective exercise.

…If you’re plain fed up of jumping from one fad diet to the next.

…Overwhelmed by the vast amount of information telling you opposite things.

…In need of a coach who’s dedicated his life to enriching the life of others & highly passionate about doing it. Then trust me. 

Transform is JUST what you’ve been looking for.    



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