From Overweight and Self-Conscious to Being Free of Diets and Happy

By Jamie Houghton, Head Coach at Lifestyle Performance Transformations NCC

Krissie has just finished her 6 Week Transformation Challenge with us at our brand new facility in Northampton…and her results are AWESOME!

Total inch loss = 14

Weight loss = 14lbs

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In just 6 weeks – Here’s how Krissie made it look easy….

Did you have any fears?

Yes – 100% I’m very self-conscious, in a gym environment, where I feel like I know nothing, and where I would be very likely to end up looking like an idiot. Where I’m too busy worrying about how overweight I feel and how many people might be looking and laughing at my lame efforts! Don’t get me wrong I’m a very confident, I speak at conferences and events often, but the gym fills me with dread, like you wouldn’t believe!

How did you feel after my first session?

I felt great!!!! I felt much more at ease, I knew all the logistics, and I got to meet the rest of the group I would be training with – they were all lovely! I also got to spend more time with Jamie and Matt, and realised that they were not the usual “gym” types that I’d become used to. Our group was deliberately small, and were all in the same boat in terms of goals, etc – so we helped and encouraged each other! One of the first things we had to do was a movement screen, this means that the guys know your capabilities, and any challenges you face with any of the exercises (this also means they know your potential, and won’t let you slack!)

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt about exercise?

The right way to do things!! Form is crucial, and if it’s easy it’s probably because you’re doing it wrong!

I learnt that there are levels to everything, and if you can’t do the hard/heavy stuff just yet, there’s a plan to get you there, but you start on the level that’s right for you, right now, and then you work your way from there. You always push for the next resistance band, weight, or more reps. I also learnt the value of correction (sometimes just tiny tweaks make a huge difference to how you’re doing some of the exercises) I realise that I’d undervalued how important the motivation is too – someone saying, “come on Krissie, just one more rep” is much more motivating that I had actually thought it would be.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt from nutrition coaching?

Krissie FBThere are so many things to list here, so I’ll start with the big ones. I’ve done every diet known to man, seriously! So I really had to forget most of the confusing contradictions that I thought I knew. I know that the right fat is not the enemy, I learnt that “low fat” and “diet” and “no added sugar” are the enemy. I learnt that i needed to balance my meals more, and focus on the nutritional value, not necessarily the calorific value. I learnt that I actually enjoy planning and cooking good healthy meals, and I’ve created some great new habits like batch cooking on a Sunday and eating more fat to keep me full. The body needs fat to burn fat is my new mantra (the right fats, of course!), sleep makes you slim, how alcohol really impacts your weight loss and how stress can de-rail you in more than one way.

What have you enjoyed most?

I’ve enjoyed creating a feeling of a tribe within this programme, we’re all in it together, and we have such a good laugh at training! I feel like I’m free of diets, and I’m really really shocked about the actual fact that I like this kind of exercise (and also the fact that I get myself out of bed early for it!) I’ve enjoyed the encouragement, from Matt, Jamie and now Noah, the fact that I get pushed – in the right way – to challenge myself. The 121 coaching I’ve received (outside of the gym) has given me some opportunities to really reflect on what I’m doing, aswell as challenging me to think about what’s next for me. These guys really are so supportive and encouraging.


Change of lifestyle without even realising the extent to which I was altering my habits – until I stopped today and looked back. I never thought I would be that person, going to the gym at 7am, 3x a week, turning down the wine, and the take away – but now I have great alternatives, through small tweaks that make such a big difference. And I know, that the odd “treat” day wont kill me, so I have a great balance, which, when all said and done, makes me, a happier me!

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Jamie Houghton

Head Coach at LPT Northampton NCC

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