How To Make Diet & Exercise Compliance Effortless So You Finally See Results

It's Easier Than You Thought

Compliance. It’s the one thing EVERYONE struggles with, from olympic athlete to your average Joe wanting to lose 10Ibs in weight. However, from working with thousands of people over the last 10 years I have noticed one trend that rarely fails.

They all make use of the most powerful fuel of them all – PURPOSE.

In this new post I want to share why playing the long game & choosing what I call a PURPOSEFUL TRANSFORMATION will put a stop to all frustrations of compliance once and for all.

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You see for years people have been telling me;

“I want to lose weight”

“I want to get fit”.

“I want more confidence”.

“I want less stress in my life”.

“I want a better job”.

My question is, “Do you really WANT all these things OR do you just “think” you should want them?

Unfortunately most people define success by a celebrity they follow, a movie they watched or what their friends are doing.

And yes I get it. It’s easy to get drawn into “wanting” something coz, well others have it. Its easy because it’s the social norm and anything else feels like you’re less of a person if you’re not keeping up with the Jones’s.

But here’s something I want you to remember. Maybe even write this down as a reminder…

You will never know if your are successful in any endeavour unless you have already defined what success means to you.

If your a consumer of mass media – newspapers, magazines, social media & T.V (basically 99% of the world!), then you will likely have been sold ideas based on social norms.

And by the way it’s not just mass media we must think carefully about before reading into. Just the other day I was shocked when a new client told me how their Doctor diagnosed them with type 2 diabetes. The Doctor then went on to say how it wasn’t something to be too concerned with as most people have it these days.

No mention of nutrition recommendations of which could completely reverse the disease. Instead, just a statement based on a new social norm, which is that because obesity & type 2 diabetes is so common (& has become the “norm”) it makes it less of a problem. Scary!

But here’s the real problem…

We believe what we’re told.

If you spend enough time being exposed to the wants or ideas of others they will soon become your own beliefs.

I urge everyone to start taking responsibility for themselves and if you do believe you are easily influenced by others rather than being true to yourself, here’s my suggestion..

Learn to practice the art of WANTING what you actually “NEED”

Personal development has changed my life and is a key reason why I include trainings on it in our 6 week program. You see once you understand what YOUR needs are, what makes YOU tick and truly happy. THEN you can focus on the actions to start living the stress-free, fulfilling life you always dreamed of. Only then can you quit looking over your shoulder to see what others are doing and instead be 100% focused on YOU. On SELF.

You see, “Needing” is a necessity. Wanting isn’t.

You NEED water & oxygen to stay alive.

You don’t NEED a new car or to drop a dress.

Needing is fuelled by a deep burning desire to pursue YOUR purpose.

In the case of water & oxygen the purpose is to stay alive.

But survival doesn’t have to be your only need.

What about fulfilment & living out your life goals, hopes & dreams?

What about becoming the ultimate version & vision of yourself?

What legacy will you leave?

What will you be remembered for?

When you get clear on what your purpose is & what’s important to you, the goals you set require far LESS will-power and far more purpose & meaning.

Meaningful goals are far easier to stick to because they have an in-built driver (intrinsic motivation) that trumps will-power every day of the week.

Saying that you don’t have the motivation or will power to exercise or eat healthy is like saying you can’t be arsed to get out of bed today. It has nothing to do with motivation or will-power- that’s just another way of saying I haven’t decided on the purpose of getting up today or exercising.

At an extreme level, people with depression fall into this spiral of lacking purpose whilst people with abundance in their life know exactly what path they are on & why.

When acting on meaning & purpose there’ll be times when you’re not even sure how it will all work out but the deep burning desire will get you there, somehow.

I call this Purposeful transformation.

Of course there’s nothing I love more than hearing testimonials of our clients losing 1-2 stone in 6 weeks, dropping clothes sizes & boosting energy BUT what I love way more than these results is hearing the impact that weight loss & improved energy levels have on peoples lives.

Lifestyle Transformation is the aim of the game NOT just weight loss for the sake of seeing the scales change.

It’s my mission with Lifestyle Performance Transformations to spread the message of choosing Purposeful Transformation (what you need) over quick-fix fads, ideas, dreams you think you want.

Your Challenge

I challenge you to identify your passion(s) & purpose in EVERY area of your life & use it as YOUR driving force to achieve all your goals of health, wellness, fitness & lifestyle.

So if you’re a mother – why not be the BEST mother you can be for your child by having the energy & health required to be that role-model?

If you’re a grandparent, why not be the BEST grandparent you can be by being fit enough to play ball.

If you’re a business person why not build the most IMPACTFUL business possible to add value to the lives of others and leave a legacy you will be remember for.

Whatever YOU’RE truly passionate about, use that passion to drive every other aspect of your life further forward.

Seriously, what’s stopping you?


The process?

Knowing where to start?

Or maybe (the most common barrier of all)..having the courage to STOP acting upon the purpose of others. I’ve struggled with this myself but I can assure you – the most fun, exciting, inspiring journey you could ever dream of, will only ever be the one YOU create on YOUR terms.

Here’s my breakdown for creating YOUR own Purposeful Transformation?

  1. Start by finding purpose in your goals – For example, losing weight for a wedding or for the beach is an okay short term goal but it’s certainly not going to transform your life. Dig deep and ask yourself why losing weight & feeling great is important to you.
  2. Fuel a plan – Using this stronger why, set out a plan with the end in mind and then reverse engineer all the steps required in order to get there.
  3. Enjoy the journey – Too many people focus on the end goal only but a purposeful transformation should be one that you enjoy every step of the way. If your goal is to lose weight & you are following an highly restrictive diet of foods you don’t enjoy then this will certainly not lead to transformation.


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Coach Sutton,

Body Transformation Expert

Body Transformation Expert





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