How to Get Your Mojo Back

(And why it all starts by asking ONE question)

Losing your Mojo to eat right and exercise regularly can be like pushing a very large rock up a steep hill. The further you push the less energy you have. The harder you push the more you feel like giving up. Well today I’m here to remind you that once you do reach the top it DOES become much easier. You can just let go! But we have to learn how to ride the waves first…


If you’re struggling to get your Mojo back heres what I suggest…

Rather than jumping to solution-based-thinking like, “I will try an eat clean this week” or “I will try and exercise everyday” etc STOP!

We both know that you are just lying to yourself and I know its corny but the first step to progress really does start by telling the TRUTH.

The Green-Eyed Monster

See when you’re in threat mentally, no matter what you tell yourself you should be thinking, that green eyed monster in your brain will always come back to bite you in the ass!

“I’ll start Monday”, “I’ll be good this week”, “I’m going to exercise every day”. Sounds like a great idea at the time but thats all these are. Ideas.

The feeling of achieving this “idea” is actually a form of addiction itself. To avoid this type of reactive solution based thinking I suggest you start by asking some key questions.

All great ideas an inventions in history only came about by asking great questions so its a pretty powerful tactic.

The questions you ask of yourself will vary from person to person. But I suggest you start with questions that allow you to find more clarity over what success would look like to you first. See, people spend lots of time complaining how things are bad but have little concept of what would be good.

Get clear on what would need to be true for a good week to be created & your unconscious mind will start working on helping you make it happen.

Now depending on where you are with your goals & how much stress NOT achieving them is causing you, the language in your question is important and will change from person to person.

For example here are 3 different ways you can ask the same question:

What would make this week satisfactory?

What would make this week truly awesome?

What would make this week perfect?

Some context..

So if you’re super overwhelmed right now and struggling to even think about eating or training right then a perfect week might just tip you over the edge!

Whereas a satisfactory week is something you can maybe think about more clearly about?

An awesome week may get you thinking more creatively. Maybe awesome might be trying a new recipe or a new exercise challenge like going for a long hike/bike ride.

Whatever awesome means to you, make it your goal to include it in your week. After all, who doesn’t want to be awesome?

What To Do..

Just try it. Write down the question & brainstorm your answers.

These answers will give you a checklist of things that will help you plan your week & daily habits.

You may then want to categorise your checklist into training, diet, social, work etc.

Once you have your checklist you will want to create some action points. The key here is you MUST be specific about what your going to do.

The reason most people don’t eat clean all week or exercise enough is they are not specific enough about what days they will train on, how they will train or what meal plan they will follow.

I can bet any money that if you have a meeting at work you’ll make some notes on what the meeting is about & what you might have to prepare in advance. And so I ask you, why should your health require less planning than your work?

Which do you value more?



Thats me, signing off for today!


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Body Transformation Expert

Body Transformation Expert



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