Pete’s Transformation Story

Discover how Pete has lost 12kg, got lean and completely changed his life

“The sense of achievement you feel when you’ve been working hard and the results reflect that are brilliant!”

That’s what Pete told me when I was talking to him about his results following our 6 week MANSformation challenge.

Pete has been kind enough to share his FULL story below…


About Pete first..

“I’ve been married 24 years this year, I have just turned 48 and am a proud father of two grown up kids. I’m self employed running my garden maintenance business & been going 10 years, very busy at this time of the year through to November. 

“Before I started I was trying to find reasons why NOT to do it.”

Sound familiar?

“The typical excuses…getting up early etc etc. but I soon realised that I wasn’t going to improve my fitness by sitting back and doing nothingAfter all it hasn’t worked so far!”

I spoke to Pete on the phone after he completed our MANSformation application form and I could tell he wanted to change, lose weight and get fitter but has always managed to find an excuse. It’s too easy to keep doing what you’ve always done….right?

“After my first session with Jamie, Matt and Noah, I realised how unfit I was but also realised how friendly and supportive everyone was too. Waiting in the reception area was more daunting, not knowing what to expect but after the session got under way I started to relax”

Being able to jump over that first hurdle of ‘fear of joining a new group or starting something completely different’ is the possibly the hardest thing.

Your mindset is the enemy here. It’s what got you where you are today.

Mindset is purely ‘A set of assumptions and beliefs that are so powerful that your behaviour conforms to them’

Which means you probably believe that if you eat less and move more you’ll lose weight…

^^ More on that another day

This is something we personally coach our members on – changing your mindset that has let you down so many times in the past.

Anyway, back to Pete…

I asked Pete what he learnt about our exercise coaching…

“The biggest thing I have learnt about exercise is that its better to do a little than none at all. The sense of achievement you feel when you’ve been working hard and the results reflect that are brilliant! Also because the exercises can be adjusted to your own ability I never felt like I was trying to keep up with the “fitter” people.”

And about our nutrition coaching…

“With the nutrition coaching I got from Jamie and Matt’s workshop I soon realised what I was eating was completely rubbish (I thought it was healthy!) I quickly learnt how simple it is to eat good proper food and how enjoyable it is to prepare and eat fresh food.”

“To be honest i have enjoyed the whole experience of the last 6 weeks, the support and encouragement from the coaches, Jame, Matt and Noah and the other members in the class.

I learnt how easy it is to make small changes that have big results. I also realised the results you can achieve if you put your heart and soul into it are amazing. When I talked about the MANSformation challenge people told me that I could just join a gym…yes I could but i wouldn’t get the support and encouragement that I have benefitted from being with LPT and I certainly wouldn’t be going to the gym three times a week!

Pete before and afterThe past 6 weeks has been life changing…honestly!!

In just 6 weeks I lost 7kg and 32cm and completely changed my body shape

Thanks Matt, Jamie and Noah!”

Pete has continued to train with LPT in Northampton and continues to get amazing results, check out his progress so far >>>

Want results like Pete?

Applications are now open for our next “MANSformation Challenge” starting 27th February.

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