7 Step Guide to Level 1 Lifestyle Change; – The Basics

Post By LPT Head Coach - Taylor Wilson

1 – Set a goal. – simple right? WRONG!

People these days are setting unrealistic, OTT goals that just aren’t achievable. Be specific, don’t put too much pressure on yourself! – Small weekly wins!

2- Be compliant – Too many people believe that if they treat themselves “just this once” then they’ll be fine, – that’s true, it won’t have a huge effect on your weight loss goal, but it may disrupt your behaviour change, it may also effect motivation.
3 – Create a better environment – Don’t apply too much stress upon yourself when “dieting” because this is why Diets don’t work! (unless your a physique competitor or olympian!)  If you like wine, have a glass.Don’t take all enjoyment out of food!

4 – Try to be sensible – we know that green leafy veggies & whole foods have the biggest pay offs, not only due to being over in calories, but because of the health benefits they also provide, introduce more veggies.
5- Exercise more – We know that to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit… so before you start slashing calories left right and centre from your lifestyle, create a deficit through movement. Be more active.

6 – Drink lots of water! – Everyday! Make sure you keep your body well hydrated, water is an amazing thing that we should feel privileged to have, it helps optimise your health and also bodily processes.

Men – 2-3L p/day -women -1.5-2L P/day (Minimum)

7 – Invest – I’m all for self investment, financially and physically. if you feel as if you’re struggling with your goals, invest into getting coaching. If you feel as if you need guidance, invest your time into learning more.

Setting goals and taking action will be the biggest investment you will make, don’t follow this process half heartedly or else you will be more likely to fail –> this begins to become into a yo-yo situation and eventually you will give up.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Taylor Wilson – Head coach @ LPT



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