Slimming Clubs & An Amazing Opportunity

Post From Taylor Wilson

So I’ve seen a lot of posts and lots of comments made around slimming clubs recently and i thought id simply give my opinion.


They Build a community –> A big group of people on the same journey, wanting the same things and also to get close too.

They reward YOU for identifying that YOU needed to change YOURSELF.

Thats it ^, they are my only good things to say to be honest!


They don’t provide education… so regardless of if you’re losing weight or not, the problem will re-occur in the future!

They make you feel guilty about food, especially when you’ve had a bad day!

Are the “Coaches” qualified to give you nutritional advice?

Public weigh ins –> if you haven’t lost any weight that week, how crappy will you feel?

They identify good or bad foods by allowing “syns”

There is no guidance around Macronutrients.

No explication of how various foods impact our bodies and do/Provide different things for our bodies.


Now i know this may seem a little harsh & look as if I’m trying to put you off going (which i am) but these Major League Marketing (MLM) companies are whats killing the fitness industry.

Its whats creating so many misconceptions.

Nutrition should be something thats fun & enjoyable, where you learn about different vitamins and minerals, the effect of protein, fats and carbs upon the body and so much more…

Which is what we offer as a part of our 6 week programme.

We provide long term, sustainable results supplemented with knowledge and education.

The ability to build your own path of success and results.

Im only taking on 3 more people for this programmes intake.

If you want to be a part of Kettering’s biggest transformation programme thats helped over 100 people lose over 100stone…

Then click the Link below and follow the process 🙂





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