Your Routine Is Killing Your Results

By Jamie Houghton, Head Coach LPT

For us humans, the ‘challenge’ is to try different approaches to the problems in our life

The things you did yesterday…have brought you to the life you have today.

The food you binged on over the weekend…

The extra bottle you said you wouldn’t have…

…Think about it

If you want DIFFERENT results to the ones you’re getting then you HAVE to do something differently.

Now if this last week went pretty awesome then crack on…good on ya!

Go for it again this week!


If you’re looking back on this week and you’re feeling pretty crap about yourself then something has got to change.

You have to stop saying things like

“I just need to try harder”

“I am going to cut back even further”


It isn’t your fault…

And those thoughts you keep saying to yourself aren’t going to get you better results

You just need a new way of doing things

And lukcily for you we have it:

“LPT’s 6 Week Transformation Challenge”

Why will this work when nothing else has before?

Why will you get results with US and nobody else?

Why are we better than your local gym? (true…not being big headed)

Well. Here’s the things that you DON’T get anywhere else…

>> Support from a team of experts who know what they’re doing

>> Joining a bunch of like-minded folk who are in the same boat as you

>> Training sessions 3x per week that will be hard but leave you with a smiling at the end of them

>> Accountability OUTSIDE of your training sessions

>> Nutrition coaching that will allow you to stop being on a constant diet..(seriously!)

>> Assigned your very own coach who will help you overcome your biggest struggles on a personal level

>> A library of resources that SIMPLIFY your life so you can stop stressing and actually get some decent results

Now that may sound a little “too good to be true”

But it’s not. It’s true…

The fact is you know too much.

You have too many things you could do that you don’t actually know WHAT TO DO…

A 20 minute jog and a few pumps on the leg press machine will not help you this week.

Neither will the odd class here and there


You now know what you are missing

And you now know where you can get it

Ladies click here:

Men click here:

P.S. This is how confident I am that we can help you…

If you’re not happy after a whole 30 days then we will refund you 100%…hassle free!

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