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(Avoid these 5 common pitfalls)

After a morning of training people my mind has wandered onto the subject of INTENSITY for todays post. It’s a subject I feel is massively mis-understood.

See, there is this idea that just pushing harder in your workouts will yield greater results.

This has about as much truth as the idea that the only focus for achieving weight loss is to eat less calories.

There are just too many other variables to mention.

On the subject of intensity I have listed my top 5 considerations below:

1. Avoid DANGER

Working harder on exercises that the body doesn’t have the mobility, stability or strength to
perform is not only in-effective but damn right dangerous

Lesson: Good movement should ALWAYS be prioritised over harder intensity

2. The mind & body ARE connected

It blows my mind when I see people reading the paper whilst cycling at 2 MPH.

Lesson: If you TRULY want to see results from your training efforts then FOCUS will be a KEY
ingredient to your success. Be clear of what your goal for the session is. If completing the
crossword is one of them fine. but if its to get physically stronger/fitter then focus ALL your
efforts on the actual training.

3. Track

Tracking is essential for reaching the correct levels of intensity. If you are guessing your
weights or making up your workouts on the spot you’ll never hit levels of intensity that will
elicit change.

Lesson: Stick to a training plan (See LPT Academy to access our monthly plan)

4. Activation

In LPT we use the word activation ALL the time. Its a reminder to members to activate the
correct muscles for the lift or movement. Whilst many people are working “harder” in the gym by
exerting more force if they just activated the correct muscles they’d get a far bigger pay-off.

Lesson: Technique is KEY when it comes to achieving a high level of intensity

5. Progressive Overload

This last point ties in with the importance of tracking. Simply put, the BIG changes occur in
the body during those final 2-3 reps (that really hurt).

However watch the average gym goer & its these last few 2-3 reps they avoid OR just shoot for
1-2 instead.

And yeah I get it.

Having the motivation to hit these last 2-3 reps is tough.

Its the reason our members stay with us & its the reason I rarely hit many training sessions on
my own too

as well as most athletes.

Humans are creatures of comfort.

We will always avoid pain where possible.

Lesson: Get a coach/training partner to keep you on track

– M

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