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Officially, I’m off this week and taking the 1/2 term to spend time with the kids & Dad before he goes home.


writing my daily email isn’t something I class as “work”.

It’s more self-therapy!

It’s also why I recommend journaling to so many people.

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There’s something detoxing of the mind in getting your thoughts down on paper.

However random or ramblesome!

One of the thoughts I’ve had since last Friday is around the idea of the “one degree principle”.

The one degree principle re-enforced the utter importance to more of SELF-AWARENESS (which btw is
the direction LPT is going).

The ability to,

Know who you are,

Know what you enjoy in life,

Know where your passions lie,

what your strength are,

what your life goals are,

what your core values are.

To go through life WITHOUT any understanding or acknowledgement of these ^^ things is not a life I’d
wish on anyone

yet it’s not uncommon at all.


I believe the one degree principle plays a BIG part.

[The One Degree Principle Explained]
In the aviation world, it’s a well-known fact that for every single degree you fly off course, you
will miss your target landing spot by 92 feet for every mile you fly.

That amounts to about one mile off target for every sixty miles flown.

If you decided to start at the equator and fly around the earth, one degree off would land you
almost 500 miles off target!

So, the longer you travel off course, the further you will be away from the intended target.

Is that acceptable?

In the example of flight travel maybe it is.

After all, even if you land 500 miles off target, at least you can jump on another plane!

But what happens if we apply the same analogy to your life???

What are you accepting in your life?

More importantly, what is your tolerance for being off course?

The great Jim Rohn once related that, “Neither a marriage nor a business fails overnight

but cataclysmic failure generally comes from a series of small, correctable failures”.

Also known as “one degree failures.”

[Are You On/Off Course?]

Just as it’s hard to recognize being one degree off while flying at 30,000 feet, it is hard to
realize these “one degree failures” in our own daily lives.

And herein lies the power of self-awareness and having a crystal clear flight plan for our own life.

Think of SELF-awareness as your inner pilot.

You can course correct at any time,

BUT you need to know your current destination.

This “destination” will be a combination of your curent state of health,

your relationships,

your career path etc etc.

Truth is we all get derailed from time to time.

We are human after all!

But one thing I’ve noted from people that seem to have it all under control

is when they realize they are off course, they do something about it.

They recognize their failures, make corrections, and get back on track.

Others will stay in jobs they hate for years

or relationships causing more unhappiness.

Usually because it’s the easier option

rather than what’s right for them.

Message of the day: Be aware of the ONE DEGREE’S. Don’t settle for what’s easy. Stay TRUE TO YOU.
Course correct.

Ready to course correct?

This was the task I set our 100 day sprint challengers last Monday in our academy & its my
recommendation to kick-start your week too.


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