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Jamie's Top Ten Tips

Falling off the “DIET WAGON”; have you fallen? Need some help getting back on track?

Its very easy to fall of the diet wagon and whether it down to stress, boredom, food, work or you just lack motivation, everyone has a different reason as to why they do fall. Want to learn about Jamie’s Top Ten Reasons why and how you can get back on track? With his help in the video, you can learn and discover what it is that’s pushing you over. Here are the 10 tips in brief

1. First, ask yourself if the diet is for you and will this diet and help you reach your goal1. is this the diet for u
2. Why did you fall off the Diet Wagon in the first place?
3. Taking the obstacle that’s pushing you over from tip 2 and come up with at least 3 ways to overcome that barrier
4. Set a specific goal that is realistic and attainable
5. Set yourself a REALISTIC deadline and time frame so you can focus on completing it in that time 90 days and break into 3 bench mark months to allow you to monitor your progress because smaller steps are better than big steps
6. Clear out junk food in your environment
7. Talk about your goals with people that you are around a lot and explain why its important to you that you’re doing the things you are because it reminds yourself of why you’re doing this and people will normally be supportive.
8. Start with small little steps towards your goal because big steps will set your self up for failure, too much change too soon will only but you under pressure
9. Planning separates winners from losers, chucking in new recipes twice a week for example to give you something to look forward to
10. Make a commitment to yourself and ask yourself why you want to do this, keep asking yourself, ask yourself WHY?!!!! If you don’t have a big enough “why”, its hard to keep motivated and stay on track!

How To NOT Fall Off The “Diet Wagon”?

Posted by Lifestyle Performance Transformations – Northampton NCC on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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