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Hey Everyone! After a great mornings training, I’ve just had my self-journal out, setting my intentions for the week ahead & planning.
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TOP 3 Intentions:
(incase you’re interested)

1. Get back on the Daily email

2. Train everyday

3. Drink 3 litres water plus supps

Key word above ^^ is ==> planning.

I’ve lost count how many times
a client told me, I just need to
plan better/more.

So what is stopping them/YOU?

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Why do you keep putting off planning ahead?

Whether its, planning your food for the week?

or planning your workouts?

My guess is its the same reason I haven’t even looked at my SELF-JOURNAL for weeks

…it still hasn’t become a habit.

Simple as that.

When life gets busy/stressful etc only “habits” will keep you on track.

The 2nd prize to habits is SELF-AWARENESS.

Having self-awareness of when things are getting a little out of control is what enables you to take positive action FAST and NOT let things spiral further.

6 Week Transformation Challenge 2.0?

I’m currently working hard on a brand new & upgraded version of our famous 6 week transformation program to be released in the new year.

To give you a little insight, self-awareness will be playing a HUGE part within the overall theme of the whole program, in fact our WHOLE OPERATION will be based on my findings from the last 3-4 years of studying the neuro-science of change.

[The Future of Fitness?]

It’s my feeling that mindset (or to be more specific, BRAIN-SET) is the future of the health & fitness industry. After all, your mind controls EVERYTHING

Everything you eat, every decision you make (or don’t make)

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The biggest challenge for me, has always been HOW to implement this more advanced information to the public in a way that is understood and be easily implemented.

..Diet and exercise are much more black/white.

..Eat this or don’t eat this.

..Do these exercises NOT these.

Whereas if I asked you what % of time do you feel your reptilian brain is kicking off, we’re entering a very different conversation!

So the challenge is a big one but it’s 100% one I am eager to take.

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Sure it will likely LOSE me followers in the future who only want me to pretend the hard & fast options really can work

but for the people that do “get it”

well you are in for one heck of a powerful and dare I say it, Transformational journey!

If you DO want to be part of that journey or are at least just curious as to what the hell I’m talking about then I have some really cool news for you tomorrow.

Stay tuned…


PS. If you are an LPT member already YOU WILL PAY NOTHING  for the all-new & upgraded program starting January 8th.

All the new materials, workshops & coaching will be included as a one-off (£200+ value).

It’s my way of saying thank you to all of you for your continued support and awesomeness!

Want to access a DONE-FOR-YOU exercise/nutrition program designed to accelerate your fat loss?

Great, check out our new ONLINE portal – LPT Academy where you can access our 6 week progressive training programs AND our weekly micro-workouts (8-12 minute workouts) which all use the same principles that are covered in this masterclass.

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Founder Matt Sutton

PS. You can join LPT Academy 100% FREE for 7 days before deciding whether this is for you or not.

In that time you’ll get access to our most recent 6 week transformation training program that you can do from the gym or even at home.

You’ll also access our course, “How to build your Foundations”. This course is ESSENTIAL for getting complete clarity over why your fitness & health goals are important to your AND how to make them a reality using a simple daily compliance tracker system.

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