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Can We Help You?

As I’m sure you’re aware, we are just approaching a CRITICAL time of year.

A time when things can quickly go south (literally haha)

So I have come up with a couple of opportunities to help you out..

Firstly an offer to complete LPT newbies who haven’t trained with us before

OFFER 1/ The Better-than-black-Friday-Deal

Its a 21 Day Jumpstart Program.

Ideal for newbies/complete beginners.

Y’see next week we are opening a brand new training location in Kettering

PLUS its the last 3 weeks training of the year for LPT so we decided  its perfect time for a special “Better- than-Black-Friday” offer.

==> Enter LPT’s NEW 21 Day Jumpstart!


We’re opening up slots at both our locations (Kettering & Northampton) to start this coming MONDAY for a cracking 21 days of fun, fitness, community & motivation. (First come first served)

The Deal?

Normally 3 weeks group personal training with LPT would be £80-00 PLUS.


as we are celebrating both a new training facilities

AND the end of year count-down,

we are offering the jump-start program for less than half the above price!

…Just £35-00 all in! 

Crazy right!? Check out what’s included:

– 3 weeks of Group Personal training sessions
– A 21 day meal plan.
– Unlimited coaching and support.
– Weekly weigh-ins
– A copy of our new 28 page Christmas Survival
– Access to our January Jumpstart group 

The idea of this deal is it will help  you get a major jump-start on your fitness AND build momentum before the beginning of the year.


All jump-starters will also get a FREE invite to LPT’s Christmas Special Event  on Saturday the 16th December.


Hit Reply now and let me know as we are limiting spaces to just 30 between BOTH our facilities.

OFFER 2/ The Merry Maintenance Challenge

I ran this last year as a bit of fun but found it was a surprising success.

The challenge is simple.

Step One: Weigh-in on December 4th 

Step Two: Weigh-In again on January 1st either without having gained any weight OR getting as close to it as possible.


Last year we even had a few people that went one further and LOST weight!

Either way I’m going to be giving out some really cool prizes to those who maintain

AND those who are within 2Ibs of their 1st January weight.

Entry is FREE. Join ==> HERE

Listen its a bit of fun but as I have mentioned before… the power  of INTENTION is a magical thing. It certainly worked for me.

It’s the first Xmas in years I didn’t go mad without trying NOT too.

See you in the group

Join ==> HERE


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