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There is a cool reward if you make it to the end...!

Hey People! Here are just a few facts you definitely want to know!

92% of people who set New Year’s Resolutions won’t achieve them.

85% of people don’t like/don’t feel engaged by their job.

70% of households are in debt.

Only 33% of people consider themselves happy.

Sobering thoughts right?

But lets look at the “health” consequences of these life/emotional stats

> 1 in 3 adults are obese

> 26% of women are obese (which is the 2nd highest rate in the world)

> The uk spends 48 Billion dealing  with health & social causes of obesity

> At the current rate by 2030 there will be 11 million more obese adults, 1/2 a million additional cancers and  7 million more cases of diabetes.

Now it wouldn’t be crazy to suggest these two sets of stats are linked

…would it?

So here’s a question for you…

If someone is overweight, unhealthy or has an obesity related food disease,

….is, the root problem REALLY, that they eat too much/does not do  enough exercise?

Sure your Doctor will tell you so, as will the gyms and diet clubs be SUPER eager to in the new year.

My view? HELL NO!!!!!

Before someone can even think about joining a gym, starting a new exercise program OR diet, they need to, FIRST overcome the excess “life baggage”.

Coz lets face it:

…How many depressed people are gonna jump out of bed in the morning raring to go hit the cardio and weights?

…How many people stressed to their eye-balls because they hate their job will stick to a new clean eating plan  of chicken, broccoli and protein shakes?


…How many unhappy people are going to continually set new goals that challenge them to grow as a person? NONE!

…How many people in debt are going to enrol in training? (Maybe a few, but not many)

(BTW – There is a point to this mad-ramble)



The point is this…..

If you are “that person”, always struggling to be in a place in your life where you are happy and in control of your health, and every time you DO muster up the courage to make a positive start, you focus ALL your attention on how much you are eating and exercising…

(then here’s the message of

….you are in one for one helluva hamster wheel ride my friend.

Coz if the “diet” or “training” program  didn’t work the first time, it sure as hell won’t work the 13th time.

The Answer?

It’s my belief that a far more effective approach is to take a 30,000 foot view of the WHOLE YOU.

I say the “whole you” because too many people unfortunately define themselves by how well they are sticking with their diet & exercise program

whereas those components are just  two tiny pieces of a far bigger puzzle that makes up the whole YOU.

There are so many other pieces of the puzzle that need to be in place for that diet/exercise program to be sustainable. Like:

..Your core values

..Your relationships (internal & external)

..Your beliefs

…Your sleep,

…Your knowledge

…Your ability to manage stressful situations

…Your time-management skills

…Your planning skills

…Your accountability strategies

…Your past conditioning

…Your Limiting beliefs.

You get the point?

So if you feel like you ARE “that person”


are simply a growth-minded person with aspirations to be a better person everyday then today I have an invite.

Alongside our “bit of fun” Merry Maintenance Challenge we are also officially OPENING up our slightly deeper more in-depth group to help ==> MASTER YOU.

Mastering you says what it is on the tin.

Join ==> HERE

– M


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