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Embracing The Chaos In The New Year!

Hello Fitties!

After a nice relaxing December it really has been back-with-a-bang in this first week of 2018!

On Jan 6th 2018, there was around 40 people super motivated about getting started on our all new level 2 nutrition coaching program we launched! – The 30 Day Reset.

The reset is essentially a bridge between clean whole food living (which is a fantastic start towards health and weight loss)

…to a Ketogenic (optimal fat burning) state.

If you’ve been on my email list for any amount of time you’ll know I am a big fan of the Keto diet however the transition for many people is too big a jump. 

Transitioning to Ancestral Living…

The 30 Day Reset is a perfect 1/2 way solution that provides critical information ultimately arming you with the knowledge to build out a personalised nutrition plan that ISN’T based on guess work but real science (in the form of 7 day glucose testing).

I’m super excited about seeing the results form this program.

But in the words of Gary Keller from the book, “The One Thing”, it has meant embracing the Chaos!

…a term to describe how to cope with overwhelm & long to-do-lists.

Right now I am WAAAAAY behind with my usual tasks because I am prioritising serving our current & new members alongside the two other biggest priorities in my life.

..1. My family and 2. My own health.

The reason I share this is coz I know I’m not alone in experiencing some Chaos!

But having a system/philosophy really helps with TWO things:

1. It helps prioritise the MOST important task (rather than the easiest)

2. It also takes the stress & anxiety away from NOT getting everything else done and never seeing that endless to do list get any shorter

Instead you choose to Embrace the chaos.

Now that doesn’t mean you won’t piss a few people off.

You will.

But listen.

That IS ok.

As the saying goes, “You will never please everyone”.

I made the mistake of trying to do that for too many years until I realised how much it was affecting my own health & happiness.

Embracing the Chaos simply means choosing to put yourself, your values, goals & dreams FIRST.

With (almost) a whole year ahead of us

that is advice I believe will serve you well.

Guard your time wisely my friend & embrace the chaos along the way!

– M

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