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You Have 180 Seconds, Can You Do It?

I can’t express enough how important and helpful setting goals are! And I don’t mean the goals where you lay in bed at 3am thinking about how I’m going to turn my life around tomorrow (which we all do anyway).

However, are those goals realistic?

Like can you seriously achieve them? Sitting around thinking all day about what you want to do won’t help you achieve anything in ANY sort of way.

Write it down! Set a out a plan! Where, why and when am I doing this (especially why, then you can really think about why it is you want to do this).

Set mile stones, short AND long term goals, what are the little steps you must take to achieve that big long term goal? What is the purpose? Need with planning your goals? Have you ever set goals using just numbers? No? Then this little game might be just for you! Listen in to Jamie’s game! 

180 seconds – Play the numbers game…

Posted by Lifestyle Performance Transformations – Northampton NCC on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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