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Are You Investing In Your Future

As I learn & study more about all things health/fitness as well as business/marketing, the more I see mass cross-overs and similarities in terms of successful principles from both.

[The Pivotal Question…]

A popular question business coaches often ask is, how much are you working IN your business & how much time are you working ON your business.

They use this question because it determines how much time they are spending  on GROWTH.

If you are a business owner reading this then you will likely of read the E-Myth…

…(a whole book written on the subject of this-great read).

For example, for me personally working IN the business is delivering training and coaching sessions with clients (something I still love to do). 

Working ON the business is doing exactly what I am right now…

…sharing my insights to a larger audience, maintaining/building relationships that go beyond the gym and working on new innovative ideas to help people look, move & feel better in their life.

The ironic thing is, if all I ever did was focus on the in-house training sessions with clients rather than writing emails/blogs, newsletters or running workshops then the business would actually suffer in the long-run.

Relevance to you…?

The thing I’ve observed lately is people making this same mistake with their own health & well-being.

They start a fitness plan/diet and do really well.

They get fitter & maybe lose some weight or even hit target weight and going back to the business analogythey start making some moolah! 

Things are GOOD.

But then they hit a road block.

They have been consistently working OUT but have done little working IN.

Exercise & diet gets boring.

They don’t take any time to work ON themselves by setting new goals/ challenges and just like the solo-preneur business owner that settles for “just enough clients to get by”, the person seeking health & fitness
settle’s for “just-enough-to-fit-in-with-the- norm”, whether that norm is a size 10 for the ladies or a 32 inch waist for the guys.

The problem with this limited thinking is its un-inspiring as hell.

And so the only way they can get inspired again is to repeat the process of gaining weight only to try and lose it again!

The Solution?

And no, the solution is NOT to give up working OUT


…give yourself a little time each week/month to work-IN.

Think bigger than aesthetics.

Include your career, life, hobbies, hopes and dreams.

Think Purpose. Impact. Growth.

These ^^ are ingredients for a ever-expanding and inspiring future.

“A person who is in charge of their own life’s job, is to look into the future and see their life, not as it is, but as it should be.”

Summary; Don’t quit working OUT but don’t forget to dedicate some time to work IN as well.

– M

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