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And NOT Be Part Of The Running Joke

Yesterday I read an interesting article on New Year resolutions which stated that by the 2nd week of February 80% of people have already failed their new years resolutions.

I’m sure that ^ number will come as no surprise to you, coz lets face it New Year resolutions have become a
running joke for years now.

But have you ever questioned why?

See I think the “why” is super important!

After all, if we can learn from the mistakes of 80% of the population then there is likely a LOT we can
learn right!?

So I’ll give it a bash…

For me the no.1 biggest mistake is the huge emphasis on the end outcome of a goal,

…rather than the experience of actually getting there.

I’m convinced, our culture of  “NOW & FAST” has a lot to do with it.

Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to instant private messaging on facebook, live streaming on Netflix or doorstep delivery of your Tesco shopping, then GREAT! I’m all for it.

But when we start craving this same INSTANT gratification in our own lives I see LOTS of problems.

John Lennon put it best when he said, “Life’s what happens when your busy making other plans”.

If he was around today he may change that line to, “Life’s what happens when your busy scrolling your Facebook feed!”

Either way Lennons point is this…Success is in the NOW!

It’s in the journey as much as the outcome.

And I believe that the 20% of people who stick with their NY resolutions are the ones who have gone a step further than just creating another outcome goal.

[Create Your Vision]

They have done what we teach on our mindset program the SELF-upgrade Model

… created a goal that fits into a far bigger, brighter VISION.

Most people do the opposite. They set goals that have no way of fitting around their current life.

Then 2 weeks later after starting the new diet/exercise plan they wonder why it’s so hard to stick too.

Instead you must START with a VISION.

If you haven’t tried this then I suggest you put it down as a priority if you wish to CRUSH 2018.

Not sure where to start?


I’m going to be sharing a really cool training soon on how to create YOUR vision.

You won’t believe how simple it is.(And effective)

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See you in the group

– M

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