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"I Dont Have Enough Time"

When asking someone relatively new to the whole fitness/nutrition biz, what their main struggles are. The outcome answer is usually around the same.



Sugar Cravings

Do you relate to any of those? Well if you do, hold tight because Jamie is here to discuss each topic in detail starting with ‘TIME’!

Most people struggling with time find it difficult to cook meals, schedule their day or fitness regime. What if told you everyone has 24 hours in day? In fact let me rephrase that…

…Would you favour your job over your health at any given day?

Is the answer no?

Cool! You know what your priorities are, and you know that being healthier WILL make your job a TONNE easier in the long term.

Is the answer yes? Okay, now ask yourself this,

“how bad does my health and fitness have to deteriorate before I choose to delegate time to do something about it?”, and some people will still reply “but I still don’t have the time”.

But who says you have to spend hours in the gym and who says cooking a meal takes hours.

Its easy to look into your head and see a completely rammed schedule but the biggest tip to finding that little bit of time in your day to better yourself would be this: sit down for 5 minutes and assess where I have even half hours availability in my busy schedule.

It could mean you swapping out half an hours of EastEnders for a Micro-workout that could take you even half the time! Make a Smoothie! Have a stretch? There’s loads of things you can do in half an hour. EastEnders is there for a long time and can be rewatched over and over and wont go away. Can your current health status do the same thing? No, it can only go downhill if you chose for it to.

If you still don’t have the time and need some tips, feel free so message us on our facebook pages so we can support you in finding ways to save some time at


Your biggest struggles….3 minute lesson

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