Happy New Year to you all! 
Wishing all subscribers to this newsletter, a happy & healthy 2011!
BIG NEWS! To kick off the New Year in style I am launching this brand new website TODAY!
As the tagline suggests, this new website will be the new home from which all my services can be found.
I’m calling it, ‘The Fitness portal for Northamptonshire’. will have all the answers your looking for. Fatloss, nutrition, personal training, boot camps, weight management programs (coming soon) and free workouts sent straight to your inbox!
I’ve lot’s planned for the year ahead and is where it’s all gonna be at!
Big Favour to Ask (This will take about 30 seconds ONLY)
Please check out my new site, I hope you like it.
If your on facebook then I’ve a big favour to ask. To help me create lot’s of traffic and interest to this new site, simply scroll down the right handside of the home page and you’ll see the, find us on facebook box. Click the like button & sign into facebook. That’s it!
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